Best SAP Basis Online Training Course for Certification

SAP Basis Online Training interview question and answers

  • Define what is SAP Basis?
  • Define the difference between System Trace, Developer Trace, and System Log?
  • When Users unable to login to SAP system, how to analyze the problem?
  • Define private mode?
  • Define OSP$ mean ?
  • Write the different types of RFC and explain what Transactional RFC is?
  • Define OCM and how to apply OCM Patches?
  • Write the difference between – Kernel, support package, SAP note?
  • What is the purpose of table TADIR?
  • Write the difference between SDM and JSPM?
  • Define procedure to disable import all option from STMS in SAP?
  • Mention the use of personalized tab and parameter tab in user master record?
  • Write different type of users in SAP?
  • What is the use of service user and reference in SAP?
  • Show how can restrict multiple logins of user in SAP?
  • How you can analyze the status of work process at OS level?
  • Define logon groups?
  • Define SAP single stack system?
  • Write the tools to install JAVA patches?
  • what is “Data Sets” in SAP?
  • At O.S level where to check for system logs of SAP application?
  • What is LUW (logical unit of work)?
  • What is heterogenous system copy /
  • What is homogenous system copy ?
  • what are the functional modules used in sequence in BDC?
  • what is an “OK” code ?
  • Show the difference between “t-code” and “OK” code?
  • How many types of work processes are there in SAP ?

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