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Explain about Data Warehouse?
What is Cognos Report Net?
Explain, Cognos Reporting tool?
What is Cognos Connection?
Define Report item?
Define Cardinality?
Define data mining?
How to generate cubes in cognos?
What is Query Studio?
Explain OLAP?
What is Child Report?
Define Drill Through?
What is Framework manager?
What is Report Studio?
What is Power Play transformer and power play reports?
Define Cardinality?
What is Cognos connection?
Define a cube?
Explain types of prompt in Cognos?
Explain cube size?
Define the components of Report Net?
Define transformer?
What is meant by Junk Dimension?
How to join multiple db in catalog?
What is Parent Report?
Explain about snapshot?
Define the difference between content store and content manager?

It is important to learn the various ways of using Cognos tm1 right from the beginner level to advanced techniques so that you can handle different kinds of projects. There are professionals that design specific courses so that you can enhance your skill in this framework and make use of it in various applications. The online courses available will help you to learn various facets of the software right from theoretical background to practical training. These things can be learnt from the comfort and convenience of your home.

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