SAP ABAP HR Online Training free Demo, Hr interview questions

Sap ABAP HR online training interview questions

  • Define Macro
  • Explain Repetitive structure
  • Explain PROCESSING Class and why?
  • Explain Evalution Path
  • Define PNP-SW-FOUND?
  • What the uses of simple maintenance interface
  • Explain the method of configure pay scale structure and pay Scale structure?
  • Define PAKEY Structure and PSHD1 Structure.
  • Define enhance the Info type process
  • Define Tables?
  • Define Info Type?
  • Explain Schema?
  • Show Indian slab and US Slab
  • Differentiate Tax for Different Countries
  • Requirement of Info types of HR Module?
  • Define PS Structure
  • Show the difference between provide statement and select statements.
  • Define transaction codes to write the Info types?
  • Explain Use of INFOGROUPS
  • PA40, PA30, PA20 process
  • Explain Internal Payroll process
  • Show how info type is different from tables?
  • Show how to import pay scale data from non SAP to SAP
  • Explain Slab?

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