SAP SNC Online Training Course Content

SAP SNC Online Training Course Content

Unit 1: Overview of Supply Network Collaboration
SAP Supply Network Collaboration Overview
Data Integration and System Landscape Overview

Unit 2: Purchase Order Collaboration with SAP SNC
Purchase Order Process Overview
Purchase Order Processing: Process Demo (if system is available)
PO Process. Integration

Unit 3: Release Process with SAP SNC
Scheduling Agreement Release Process – Overview
Release Processing: Process Demo (if system is available)

Unit 4: ASN Processing in SAP SNC
ASN Processing Overview
Process Demo: ASN processing (if system is available)

Unit 5: Invoice Collaboration in SAP SNC
Invoice Collaboration Process Overview
Process Demo: Invoice Collaboration. (if system is available)

Unit 6: Master Data
Master Data
Master Data Integration
Visibility Concept

Unit 7: Supplier Managed Inventory Process (SMI)
Supplier-Managed Inventory Process in SAP SNC
Process Demo: SMI Process (if system is available)

Unit 8: Further Processes in SAP SNC
Dynamic Replenishment
Delivery Control Monitor
Kanban Process with SAP SNC

Unit 9: Download / Upload Center
Download / Upload Center

Unit 10: Alert Notification (SNC)
Alert Notification in SAP SNC
Relevant System Settings and Customizing for Alert
Process Demo: Alert Notification

Unit 11: Quality collaboration Process in SAP SNC
Quality Collaboration Overview
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