SAP UI5 Online Training from India

SAPUI5 Interview Questions

  • What is SAPUI5 and Why and SAP UI5 is required in this present business world?
  • Write the difference between HTML5 & SAP UI5?
  • Explain difference between SAP UI5 & Fiori?
  • Explain Component and show Navigation component in SAP UI5?
  • What is required to start UI5 development in eclipse?
  • Why, When and How to use formatter in SAP UI5?
  • What is response web design how to create it?
  • Write Types of Data modules available in SAP UI5?
  • What is JSON Model?
  • What is XML Model?
  • What is ODATA Model?
  • What is Resource Model?
  • Show the difference between JSON Model and OData Model?
  • Explain Metadata Annotations and common Metadata Annotations?
  • Explain SAP UI5 Bootstrapping?
  • Explain About SAP Fiori Launchpad?

SAP UI5 Online Training approx  30 hrs course
SAP UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) is a user interface technology that is used to build and adapt client applications based on SAP Net Weaver Gateway. The SAPUI5 run time is a client-side HTML5 rendering library with a large set of RIA-like standard and extension controls based on JavaScript (JS), and a lightweight programming model.
HTML5 is a SAP UI Development toolkit for SAP UI5 interface technology because it is used to build and adapt client applications. With Using the SAP UI5 a web developer can write an enterprise mobile application. Open ui5 build enterprise – ready application for web applications it is very responsive for all devices and running very smooth on all browsers your choose. JavaScript HTML and CSS , Cascading Style sheets are browser based technologies of HTML5. To build web applications on SAP Platform SAP UI5 is the higher level of Framework.. We can replace SAP UI5 Toolkit in place of Web Dynpro which is a previous technology. SAP UI5 Combined with SAP Net weaver Gateway platform. There is also an open source version of SAPUI5, called OpenUI5.
The Feature of SAP UI5 Seems to be very promising for example As underlying technology SAP Fiori uses SAP UI5 . It release of 25 apps in the beginning as a first wave and now it went to 500+apps in its own portfolio. This shows the strength of the technology.

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