What is Odata in SAP UI5 & Fiori ?

What is Odata in SAP UI5 & Fiori ?

SAP OData explained in simpler terms

The most important reason behind this article is to give people an easy and simpler format about OData so that it should help understand beginners and really learn the essence of it by starting to adopt the developing standards and know the basics clearly.

Let us now see how OData can be defined in simpler form:

The easiest definition to oData is, it is used basically to create and consume data API’s by using standardized protocols developed on existing HTTP and REST protocol supporting Create, Read, Update & Delete (CRUD) operations.

The metadata of OData:

Metadata of oData usually consists of definitions of entity sets and associations. It is all about the mix of different variations such as entity types, entity keys. Entity types are generally data types that contain the overview of specific data types such as sales orders, supplier data etc. And, collections of these kinds of entity types is nothing but an entity set. Association is defined as the relationship between two or more entity types.

Why OData?

OData is useful for extracting standardized information in a consistent way by describing the data sets and data models. That is just enough to use this over other protocol like REST. Moreover, SAP’s standard and simpler way of providing this will provide people to work on it rather than other tools.

And, by the way, oData means Open Data Protocol.

Top 10 IT skills in demand in 2017-18:

IT field is really a hot market and because of every day changing technologies and adaptation of new technologies, it is still more giving a broader spectrum opening new jobs and the growth in the last 5 years, compared to 2010 has been exponential, rising to more than 137%. However, it is not same for all the skills as some skills are hot in the market and some are really struggling to gain attention, as it depends on the usage of the tool by different companies. So, in this blog, we will discuss the top IT skills which are in demand for the current year.

  • SQL – Structured Quality Language used to communicate with Database
  • Technical Support – Refers to Tech support, different services provided by enterprises to assist users on technology related concerns.
  • Oracle – or Oracle Database is an object relational database management system by Oracle Corp.
  • Business Process – Collection of linked tasks done to deliver a product or service to a client.
  • LINUX – Most used open source operating system
  • JAVA – A general purpose computer programming language.
  • System & Network Configuration – Configuration & Set-up processes on network hardware, software devices, and components
  • Collaboration
  • UNIX – An OS alternate to DOS & windows supporting concurrent multiple users.
  • Software Installation

An interesting note here is that a research from Burning Glass (An analytics company) have found that there are more than 13,600 job openings for roles related to Information Technology degree in 2014 and there are more than 56,000 techies who are planning to upskill themselves because of growing demand for certain technologies.

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