10 On demand IT Courses in 2019

10 On demand IT Courses in 2019

Machine Learning

It is quite difficult to imagine life without the inclusion of machine learning. Email filtering, predictive texting and virtual assistants such as iPhone’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are technologies that generally function on the basis of machine learning mathematical models and algorithms. A course in machine learning is perfect for all those individuals who have a strong foundation in statistics and R but tend to be beginners in machine learning. Once they have gained a broad overview of the most common applications and techniques of this discipline, participants will have a clear insight into the training and the assessment of varied machine learning models. This is a course that is completely dedicated to helping individuals learn the most basic machine learning activities and these include clustering, regression, and classification. If you want to be an expert in machine learning techniques and concepts then this course is definitely for you. It would help you serve as a professional Machine Learning Engineer.

Google Cloud Platform for Data Engineers

The Google cloud platform for data engineers is probably one of the best cloud offerings for high-end machine learning applications. A course in this field serves in the form of a really all-inclusive guide to the Google Cloud Platform. It offers participants a hands-on introduction to building and designing data processing systems on the Google Cloud Platform. By way of a blend of demos, presentations and laboratory sessions, the candidates can learn the right way of designing data processing mechanisms and building end to end data pipelines. They will also gain a clear understanding of analyzing data and carrying out machine learning. It is a course that covers streaming, structured and unstructured data. Anyone looking to make the best use of the Google Cloud Platform in their organization can take up this course. The course is also advantageous for individuals looking to make it big while serving as a networking and architecting computer engineers.

Data Science ; Analytics

Data science and analytics involves the in-depth study of data or information- where does information come from and how to turn it into a useful resource for government, social and business strategies. The data science and analytics course are for individuals who want to serve as data scientists, problem-solvers, story-tellers or investigators into the process of organizing information and finding the most exclusive ways of communicating its meaning. Specializing in data science and analytics can help individuals in learning the fundamentals of using and
interpreting data along with data analysis, procedures of data manipulation and even machine learning. The training course offers candidates with detailed learning of the concepts of data science, data analytics, data acquisitions, project lifecycle, statistical procedures, machine learning, and data analysis. Individuals taking up this course will gain good expertise in deploying recommenders by using data analysis, evaluation, experimentation, and data transformation. The course works best for business intelligence, business analyst and Big Data


IOT or the Internet of Things is basically a blend of the internet and the physical world. Smart homes, driverless trucks and light bulbs that can be controlled by phone applications are some of the most common examples of an Internet of Things system that generally communicates within itself and without any kind of human interactions. A certification course in IOT covers detailed concepts like IOT ecosystem, IOT framework, networking protocols, and application layer protocols and IOT solution architecture. Courses in this field come with real-life case studies and demos that can help the participants in mastering the IOT technology. Specialization in this field covers the development of IOT solutions and products including the different tools for actuation, sensing, communication, and processing. Participants taking up IOT courses can develop good experiences and skills in employing or designing novel systems. New concepts in this field are also covered by the advanced courses available in the present times.


Cryptography is the science and the art of creating a cryptosystem that possesses the capability of offering information security. It serves as the basis of all kinds of security technologies. The online course on cryptography will help participants in learning the most basic concepts of cryptography along with the process in which it is used for the protection of sensitive and proprietary data by making use of varied encryption techniques. The course explains the internal workings of different cryptographic primitives along with the right way of using them. The candidates can also learn to resonate about the security of different cryptographic structures and the right way of applying the same to real-world uses. This is a self-contained course that is perfect for individuals who want to serve as network and PC technicians with an expanded understanding of the use of cryptography in the field of IT security. This course also works for beginner-level IT and cyber security technicians looking to get an in-depth knowledge of the importance of cryptography.

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