10 On demand Software Courses in 2019

10 On demand Software Courses in 2019


A blockchain is basically a sequential and permanent list of all transaction records that are distributed on a network. A blockchain in each chain comes with a hash of the previous block and transaction data and timestamp. These are the features that make blockchain resistant to manipulation or attack. Certification training in this field can provide individuals an overview of the mechanism and the structure of Hyperledger, Bitcoin, Multichain Blockchain and Ethereum platforms. Candidates will be learning the significance of consensus in different transactions and the way transactions remain stored in Blockchain. They will also get an understanding of the right procedure of setting up their very own private Blockchain while deploying smart agreements on Ethereum. Individuals undertaking the training will also learn the process of deploying the business structure by making use of Hyperledger Composer. Blockchain training should be taken up by anybody who has this zeal to learn highly innovative technologies.

UI/UX Design

Are you thinking of getting an idea of the new tricks that can help you in taking your career at the highest level of success? If this is the case then you must definitely take up the UI/UX design courses that can go a long way in elevating both your skills and your CV. User experience is a hot topic right now and there are many who want to become user experience professionals. For this, it is important to take up UI/EX-design courses that are far from being easy and require, effort, time, investment and expertise. The conventional role played by a designer is now shifting and the industry of the modern times demands that designers should have the capability of not just designing digital products but providing exclusive ways of boosting customer experience. User interfaces have become the ultimate test for the capabilities of a designer mainly because they do not need to just look attractive but prove to be functional at the same time. This speaks of the importance of UI/UX design courses.

Artificial Intelligence Quantum Computing

Just like the very first digital computers, quantum computing provides the possibility of exponentially powerful technology in comparison to the current system. Artificial intelligence quantum computing stands to change entire industries and even the world by finding solutions for problems that were earlier considered to be impossible. An online course in artificial intelligence quantum computing can help individuals in discovering the technical and business implications of the new frontier in computing and the process of applying them to an organization. The course is intended for leaders and professionals in government, technology, and business that require to have a clear understanding of the technical and business implications of quantum computing. The curriculum has its focus on the core implications, implementation, and principles of quantum computing. The program will help individuals in understanding how quantum computing can transform businesses. It is a course that is open to any interested individual regardless of the technical experience that he or she might be possessing.

Cloud Computing/AWS

Cloud computing/AWS enables users to have their focus on their customers and projects without worrying about any infrastructural concerns. AWS or Amazon Web Services serves as the lifeblood of several leading companies across the world including Expedia, Netflix, Ubisoft, and Spotify. It offers every advantage that you might expect from the cloud and is far superior to the other cloud service providers available in the market in terms of high transfer stability and data availability. Cloud computing with AWS course discusses the basics of cloud computing and AWS while moving on to discussions of more advanced ideas like service models and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. Candidates taking up this course get an in-depth understanding of specific components of the AWS platform. The course entails hands-on exercise and the real-time use of case studies for ensuring the participants develop an extensive and practical understanding of the different concepts. Basic computer knowledge and some Linux knowledge is mandatory to enroll for this course.

10 On demand Software Courses in 2019

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