Bigdata Hadoop Development & Admin Online Training

Hadoop Big Data development and Administration online training Apache Hadoop is a framework for the Bigdata processing of extremely huge datasets on the low-cost commodity hardware. The scalable architecture that makes it so accepted is being deployed by the entire leading MNC giants is taking a revolutionary step now in the analytics. Many institutes are there that offer Hadoop Big Data development and Administration online

What is hadoop and how to learn online?

Apache Hadoop is open source software platform which is known for distributed storage & processing of extremely large data sets on the computer clusters built directly from commodity hardware. There are several institutes that offer online courses for it.

HBase- HBase is a famous column-oriented database management system which runs on the top of HDFS. This is well-suited for sparse sets of data that are common in several big data use

Hive- Hive can help in making querying your data quite easier. Apache Hive was first created at Facebook. It is a data warehouse structure for Hadoop which facilitates the easy data

summarization, analysis of large datasets and ad-hoc queries.

Pig- Apache Pig is very efficient a tool which is used to analyze the large amounts of data through represeting them as ‘Data Flows’. Using PigLatin scripting language functions like ETL (Extract, Transform & Load), iterative processing and adhoc data anlaysis can be easily

Sqoop- Apache Hadoop scoop is an exceptional framework for the processing, storing & analyzing huge volumes of unstructured data – also known as Big Data. It is very efficient data analyzing tool.

  • What is Hadoop?
  • What is RDBMS?
  • Write the Difference between Hadoop and RDBMS?
  • Explain Name Node in Hadoop?
  • Define Hadoop MapReduce and How it MapReduce Works?
  • What is Speculative Execution?
  • What are the basic parameters of Mapper?
  • Why datanode fails? And What happens if Fails?
  • Functions of MagReduce Partitioners?
  • What is Shuffling in MapReduce?
  • Show how Hadoop Map Reduce Framework is used?
  • What is Distributed Cache in Hadoop MapReduce Framework?
  • Explain Why JobTracker run in on its own JVM Process?
  • What is Jobtracker in Hadoop and actions?
  • What is heatbeat in HDFS?
  • What is Input split?
  • What is HDFS Block?
  • Show the difference between Input split and HDFS Block?
  • What are the main configuration steps to specify to run Mapreduce job?
  • What is reducer and Map in Hadoop?
  • Explain what is Rack awareness?
  • Explain how to debug Hadoop code?