Data Modeling Certification Online Training

On Infrastructure Management point of view, we will discuss and understand what is Data Modeling and Why it is required.In this course, you will learn what the challenges in today IT World in the terms of Information management and then we  learn Needs of Data Models, Purpose of data Model, Types of Data model and Development of Data Models, Benefits of Data Model, What are the Business Requirement Analysis and finally Sample Case Study on Business Analysis with real time Data .From last 20 years, Technology Changed a lot. Becuase of that there is a massive Data Available in the Industry.

1. Product
2. Technology
Own the process top to bottom

1.Multiple Services on different technologies
2.Voice, Text, Video, Data
4.Hyper Competition

Becuase of the above changes we need to manage the data? Here is the map to manage the Data. With the proper data models in place.

Why do you need Data Models?

  • This is the complete Picture of the Business requirements Online Data Modeling Course?
  • How to Integrate Individual and Group requirements?
  • How to identify overlap and reduce resource and material requirements?
  • What is phased solution with intermediate deliverables?

Data Modeling Online Course Outline

  • Data Model Defined
  • What Is a Data Model?
  • Why Data Modeling?
  • Who Performs Data Modeling?
  • Methods
  • Techniques and Symbols
  • Data Modeling Fundamentals
  • Entities in Detail
  • Attributes and Identifiers in Detail
  • Relationships in Detail
  • Data Normalization
  • Modeling for Data warehouse