Django and Python Online Training | Python Online Course

Django and Python Online Course

What is Django
How to Install Django
What is architecture of Django
How to Create Django Project
How to run Django Project
Overview of Django Structure(Settings,manage,URLs,init,WSGI)
Django Admin overview
How to Create APPS
What is the difference between Models and Migrations
Playing with Django ORM API
How to create Create Views
What is Http Response
What is Render to Response
How to create Templates
Forms and their validation
What is Pagination,
What is Sessions,
What is Authentication
Simple web app with CURD Operations

Python Course Content
What is Python
Python Advanced Concepts
Object Oriented Programming
Regular Exceptions
Exception handling
Working with Files
Some of the Useful modules
Package & Modules
Functional Programming
Control Statements
Data Structures
Python Execution Model (running scripts)
Getting Started