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Guidewire Billing Center Course Content

What is Gosu And Java and Gosu Bundles
What is Gosu For Integration
What is Gosu Overview Advanced
What is Web Services Consuming
What is Plugins Predefined Plugins
What is Overview BC Data Model
What is Batch Process Batch Process
What is Integration Point
What is Messaging Acknowledging
What is Web Services Publishing
What is Integration Point Number Generator and Authentication
What is Config User Payments Commissions and Policies Invoices
What is Messaging Introduction, Payloads, Sending, Triggering
What is Config User Accounts Producers and Billing Process Overview

What is Utilities Typecode Mapper
What is Gosu SA Generics and Gosu SA Blocks
What is Gosu G Unit Tests
What is Plugins Startable Plugins
What is Gosu Entity Builders
What is Integration Point Doc Management
What are GosuGosu And XML


Introduction ConfigConfig
What is Config User Billing Process Overview and Accounts Producers
What is Config User Policies Invoices and Payments Commissions
What is Config User Trouble Tix Delinquency
What is Config Activities, Assignment Escalation
What is Config Charge Invoicing and Location Groups
What is Config Earn Track Commissions and Trouble Tickets
What is Config Workflow Elements, Workflow Processes, and Workflow Delinquency
What is AdvConfig Charge Invoicing_Plugins and Invoicing Invoice Assembler
What is AdvConfig Payment Distribution and Config Commission


BC30 Locations Wizards
AdvConfig Payment Plan Modifiers
AdvConfig Item Assign Reassign

Course Name Guidewire Billing Center
Duration 30 Hours
Eligibility Any Graduation
Training Mode Instructor led Online Training
Selfpaced Videos
Training Schedule Flexible as per your Convenient
Certificaiton Yes Training and Support
Lab For hands on
Resume Preparation Yes Support
Mock Interview Yes
Billing Center Demo Video