How to do SF Compensation Certification Online

SAP Success Factors Online Training Institute

How to do SF Compensation Certification Online

Online SAP Success Factors Employee Compensation Training Program

Aditya eLearning is well fortified with the right experience, expertise and professional facilitators to offer exceptional training in Success Factors Employee Compensation Management module of SAP for aspirants endeavoring to become ardent practitioners of the same. We strive to offer the right training to all the candidates by utilizing excellent constructive environment where the aspirants can learn, imbibe right insights and gain hands-on experience in diverse aspects of the module all the while preparing to effortlessly perform in dynamic projects and various corporate settings.

In the highly competitive and volatile economy of today, the corporate is vying to leverage the potential of employee compensation module so as to drive maximum productivity and performance from the employees. Since effective compensation packages are stalwartly concurrent to employee satisfaction and their deliverance, the move only makes sense.

Compensation management is not just about driving performance, instead, it is also about;

  • Improving employee engagement
  • Checking attrition rates
  • Nurturing encouraging environment
  • Acquiring and retaining the right talent

As such, it is only right that businesses take advantage of the training program. Having realized this, we bring to you an exceptional online training program that can certainly leave all the participants ardent in the module and its execution even in the most dynamic and demanding business environments.

Apart from our experience and personnel, the most imperative aspect of our training program is the circumspectly conceived and designed module that we utilize to coach our trainees. In the module all the following topics are covered extensively and comprehensively;

  • Introduction to compensation management
  • Overview of compensation management
  • Data integrations and kick-offs
  • Insights into statements of compensation and related reports
  • Various administration tools
  • Admin maintenance
  • Pre-works and provisioning topics
  • Discovery methods
  • Master salary sheet of compensation
  • Different kinds of reviews that include multi-currency and executive
  • Budgeting and stock choices
  • Reporting tools and bonus sheets
  • Different types of measures and analyses
  • How to troubleshoot and carry out the integration of employee compensation

The program will further be improved by the interactive, experiential and participative training methods that we adopt with each session.

If you would like to improve your skill forte and desirability of your profile, contact our support team, right away and make the right choice. We are waiting to listen to you. +91 8790679998

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