Linux Administration Online Training

Ideas On Linux Administration Can Be Excellent

Whether you are new to Linux, or not, you might want to develop your administration skills in using the application. This will enable you to tap the performance and feature of the system in the best way. Obtaining training in Linux administration is one of the best things that you can do. Even as a working professional, you can enroll for a course that will give you the flexibility to attend classes, as per your choice. Going for online training is a great idea in this context.

Hands-On Practical Training

Linux administration will not only involve theoretical knowledge, but also practical information. In fact, in the course of the training, you will acquire hands-on experience on using the system and maintaining the administration. The idea of real environment will prepare you a lot for your career in the future. The institution can even provide you assistance with placement so that after the completion of the course, you do not have any difficulty in finding the most suitable jobs, as per your skills.


  • Introduction to Linux
  •  GNU Project / GPL Licensing
  •  Evolution of Linux & Development Model
  •  Bash Shell Essentials
  •  Partitioning Schemes
  • Linux Installation & Configuration :
  •  Workstation & Server Classes
  • The Graphical User Interface
  •  X Window System
  •  Basic Structure.Configure an Internet connection
  •  Invoking the Graphical User Interface
  • Configure & customize your Linux desktop
  • An Overview of GNOME/KDE Desktop/Applications
  • Linux File System
  •  Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4 Features
  •  Directory Structure & Contents
  • Basic Shell utilities /commands
  •  Directory / File Operations
  •  System/Process/Disk Status Indicators
  •  Installing applications using RPM
  •  Getting Help : man, info pages,On-Line Manuals
  • User Administration
  •  Explain the Linux security model
  •  Essentials : Concept of users & groups
  •  User Account Management
  •  Password Management
  •  Group Management
  •  Configuring a co-administrator
  • File / Directory Access Control Mechanisms
  •  Default Permissions & umask setting
  •  Exploring suid/sgid/sticky bits
  •  The Extended Attributes
  •  File System ACL ‘s
  • Exploring Critical Configuration files
  •  grub.conf, inittab, fstab
  • Service initializing scripts
  •  Task Schedulers
  •  at, cron & anacron daemons
  •  Assigning user quotas
  • Linux Networking Environment
  •  Networking features of Linux
  •  Configuring a NIC
  •  Basic Network Client Services
  •  NTP, Telnet, ftp & SSH Services
  • Basic Concepts of DNS
  •  Implementation of BIND
  •  forward & reverse lookup
  •  DNS Client Commands
  • DHCP – Server / Client setup
  • NFS – Network File System
  •  autofs implementation
  • Apache Web Server
  •  Basic Configuration
  •  Name & IP Based Virtual Hosting
  •  Restriction through htaccess
  •  Authentication through SSL
  • SAMBA configuration

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