Manual & Advanced QTP 10.0 Software Testing Online Training

QTP 10.0 Online Training interview questions

  1. Why we choose automate and why we choose QTP?
  2. What are the different ways to invoke an application using QTP?
  3. Explain the challenging in testing we face?
  4. How will you measure QTP efficiency in project?
  5. What is reusability via QTP?
  6. Conditions would you recommend QTP?
  7. What are scripts?
  8. How many lines of code in each script?
  9. How long to develop a script?
  10. Did the scripts need lot of maintenance? If yes, why?
  11. What is QTP’s model for test creation?
  12. Explain the two types of repositories available?
  13. Explain the Technologies supported by QTP ?
  14. Define Smart identification?
  15. Which recording modes need more memory?
  16. Explain How does QTP identify an object?
  17. what is Mandatory properties?
  18. What is Ordinal Identifier?
  19. What is Assistive properties?
  20. Define Object Spy?
  21. Define System Util.Run
  22. Define Creating a shell object using VB Script
  23. Define Invoke Application

Onilne QTP 10.0 Certification Training from India

Developing a software protocol involves three key layers. The programmers develop the interface, the database layer, and the services layer to provide relevant virtual utility solutions. Software solutions serve a multitude of digital functions. Developers utilize different advanced coding languages in creating the protocols. The QTP system enables programmers to test any software solution effectively. Handling the complex graphical interface of the QTP requires specialized training. Adithyaelearning provides online QTP certification training via certified consultants. All trainers are industry professionals with several years of experience. The fast track methodical training service would prepare the professionals in handling diverse software testing challenges. Using the unified testing protocol is essential in delivering neat software solutions.

Handle data driven testing

The testing protocol offers the unique analytic advantage of data driven testing. You can filter by data type in the software solution and import it to a workbook like Excel. This advantage enables the ease of maintaining detailed numerical records at each stage of the development process. In case, you need to rerun a previous layer, the data records can be of crucial assistance. The protocol offers two types of data table applications. You can integrate the application data with the global and local data sheets. The advantage of perspective is crucial in maintaining the competitive edge in software development. The QTP certification online training Hyderabad would prepare you for the purpose.

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