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In software development services, manual testers occupy a highly important position. Despite the incredible advances in programming languages, the automated testing solutions cannot provide full proof results. Some errors always pass via the filter of even the most advanced testing protocol. Manual testing is the only way to identify the hidden bugs in the code sheet. The tester conducts the highly minute task of checking each line of the code manually. Excelling at the profession requires the tester to have adequate knowledge of the programming language. Adithyaelearning systems provide the necessary training in specific programming protocols. As there are several coding languages, the e-learning portal offers online manual testing training material in different programming languages. Contact the service in finding the most suitable training.

Manual Testing Online Training Concepts :

Software Testing Manual

Module 1: Testing fundamentals
Why explicitly the s/w companies are recruited the test engineers:
Who can do this Testing:
What is Project:
What is Product:
What is Quality:
Classical definition for quality:
What is Defect:
Latest definition for quality:
What is testing:
What is Bidding the Project:
What is Kick Off Meeting:
What PIN (Project Initiation Note):

Module 2: Real time manual testing
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC):
SDLC contains six phases they are:
Initial phase or requirements phase.
Analysis phase
Design phase
Coding Phase
Testing Phase
Delivery & Maintenance Phase.
(a) Task
(b) Role
(c) Proof

Where exactly the testing comes in to picture Kinds of Testing
What is Un-conventional testing
What is Conventional testing
Testing Methodology or Testing techniques:
There are three methods of testing
(a)Black-Box Testing
(b)White-Box Testing
(c)Grey-Box Testing

Levels of Testing:
i.Dynamic Testing
1.Unit Level Testing
2.Module Level Testing
3.Integration Level Testing
4.System Level Testing
5.User Acceptance Testing (U.A.T)
ii. Static Testing
Environment is a combination of three layers
a.Presentation layer
b.Business layer
c.Data base
Types of Software Environment:
There are four types of environments
a.Stand alone environment or One-tier environment
b.Client –server environment or Two-tier Architecture
c.Web environment or Three-tier Architecture
d.Distributed environment or N-tier Architecture
Software Development Models
Water Falling Model
Prototype Model
Evolutionary Model
Spiral Model
Fish Model

Module 3:Types of Manual Testing

1.Build Acceptance Testing or Build Verification Testing or Sanity Testing
2.Regression Testing
4.Testing (Alpha Testing)
5.Testing (Beta)
6.Static Testing
7.Dynamic Testing
8.Installation Testing
9.Compatibility Testing
10.Monkey Testing
11.Usability Testing
12.Exploratory Testing
13.End-To- End Testing
14.Port Testing
15.Reliability Testing
16.Security Testing
17.Mutation Testing
18.ADHOC Testing
19.Smoke Testing
20.Incremental Testing

Module 4:Life Cycle of Manual Testing
The Software Testing Life Cycle Contains Six Phases
Test Planning
Test Development
Test Execution
Result Analysis
Bug Tracking
Test Design Techniques
Test Case Design
Test Case Design Template
Types of Test Cases
Test Case Design Reviews
Test Data Setup
Test Execution
Regression Testing
Result Analysis
Comparing Expected and Actual Values
Status of the Result
Defect Tracking
What is Defect
Preparation of Defect Profile Document
Defects Tracking and Posting in Tool
Defect Reporting
Defect Life cycle Process
Defect Removal Efficiency

1.Defect Product
2.Defective Product
3.Quality Assurance
4.Quality Control
5.NCR (Non-Conformance Raised)
8.Internal Audit
9.External Audit
11.Software Configuration Management
12.Common Repository
13.Check in
14.Check out
15.Base Line
16.Publishing or Pinning
19.Software Release Note
20.Software Delivery note
22.Review Report
23.Peer Review

INTERVIEW TIPS ARE GIVEN along with guidelines to create a catchy resume.
Assistance to the candidates in Interview help would be given I shall also be giving the clear picture of
/understanding how the real environment will be
Overview of Languages to be learned for Testing
My training would be more of a practical perspective for the students for them to get a better
understanding of Testing is done in a real time environment.
24.Peer Review Report
25.Defect Age
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