Oracle Golden Gate Online training

Oracle Golden Gate Software Oracle Golden Gate is used as ETL, a replication toolkit & even as a DR solution. It is probably one of the best replication software & it is extremely easy to configure & deploy it in the large scale environment. Some of the key points that you need being aware of are given here. All Oracle Golden gate and versions and technical configuration files are ASCII text based files. It is very easy in making changes but it’s prone to human errors/faults in the environment having Several DBA's working on it.In order to make use of parallel apply threads, Oracle Golden gate and versions and technical breaks down the DB transaction into many transactions that are based on hashing key which is defined for the range split of data. So, the consistency of transactional process will not be certain during real-time but there will not be any data loss, however ensure that your applications can tolerate this. Oracle Golden gate is the best version of this software till the date now. You can down load it as per your compatibility.

Course Topics

Introduction to Oracle Golden Gate

  • Oracle Golden Gate Replication Solutions for Live Reporting, Real Time Data Warehousing, Live Standby Database, and High Availability.
  • Supported databases and platforms
  • Advantages of Oracle Golden Gate

Installing Oracle Golden Gate

  • Downloading the software from Oracle website.
  • Installing Oracle Golden Gate
  • Explaining Subdirectories
  • Preparing Oracle 11g database for data replication

 Oracle Golden Gate Technology and Architecture

  • Understanding Golden Gate Components: Processes and Files
  • Process Data Flow
  • GoldenGate Architecture
  • Design Considerations

Configuring & Preparing the Environment

  • Configuring the Manager process
  • Describing the Manager Parameters
  • Starting the Manager process
  • Configuring GLOBALS file

Data Definitions File

  • Overview of Data Definitions File
  • When to use Data Definitions Files
  • Types of Data Definitions File
  • Configuring Data Definitions File

Configuring Change Capture Delivery – With and Without Data Pump

  • Preparing a source database for transaction capture
  • Describing the high-level configuration steps
  • Explaining change capture and delivery with a data pump
  • Explaining change capture and delivery without a data pump
  • Explaining Oracle Golden Gate Checkpoints
  • Describing the Extract process
  • Configuring and starting an Extract process
  • Adding local and remote trails
  • Configuring and starting a data pump
  • Explaining the Replicate process
  • Configuring a Replicate process
  • Starting a Replicate process
  • Describing GGSCI commands
  • Describing Extract trails and files

Configuring Change Capture Delivery – DDL Replication and Initial Data Load

  • Overview of DDL synchronization
  • Preparing a source database for transaction capture
  • Describing the high-level configuration steps
  • Configuring Extract and Replicat for DDL replication
  • Cnfiguring Initial Data Load using Oracle GoldenGate Extract and Replicat
  • Oracle Golden Gate Commands
    • Running Golden Gate commands from the GGSCI prompt
    • Running Golden Gate commands from the obey files
    • Running Golden Gate commands from the OS shell
    • Identifying the types of GGSCI commands available

    Managing Oracle Golden Gate

    • Managing trail files
    • Automating process startup
    • Using reporting and statistics

    Where Do We Go From Here

    • Golden gate Director
    • Golden Gate Veridata
    • Logdump Utility

    ETL using Golden Gate

    Oralce Golden Gate Online free video