SAP BI ABAP Interview Questions and Answers?

SAP BI ABAP Interview Questions

SAP BI ABAP Interview Questions and Answers?

SAP BI ABAP Interview Questions and Answers session Live for Free

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  • What are the Functional modules in BDC?
  • Explain the Foreign key relationship?
  • Mention some differences between table and structure in data dictionary?
  • Introduction to Smart forms?
  • Discuss some components of SAP scripts?
  • Explain creation of table cluster?
  • What are the internal tables?
  • Brief description about SAP ABAP?
  • Differentiate pool tables and transparent tables?
  • What is ABAP data dictionary?
  • Explain the process of converting info package group into process chain?
  • Introduction to Bath Data Communications programming?
  • What are data, classes?
  • Differentiate between ABAP and OOABAP?
  • Mention about ALV programming in ABAP?
  • Differentiate between template and table?
  • When do we use End-of-selection?
  • What will happen if we format the data before write statement in the report?
  • When is OOABAP used?
  • Usage of Pretty Printer?
  • Mention Conversion routines for units and currencies in the update rule?
  • How to replace query result from master query to child query?
  • Mention the differences between ABAP/4 editors?
  • Differentiate start and update routines?
  • How can you use the dimensions?
  • What is the use of BW statistics?
  • Define modeling?
  • Define extended star schema?
  • Why are they called?
  • What is pooled table in sap?
  • What is BW statistics?
  • How much memory will be allocated for an internal table and work area in SAP ABAP?
  • Discuss type’s statement in SAP ABAP programming?
  • How can we read data from database table in SAP ABAP?
  • Differentiate between append and insert statements?
  • What is web Dynpro for ABAP?
  • Usage of start routines in Project?
  • Differentiate between ODS, Info cube, and Multi provider?
  • What are Return Tables in SAP BW?
  • What is compression in SAP BI?
  • What is Open Hub Service?
  • What is Update rule? What are conversion routines for units and currencies in update rule?
  • What is the difference between info object and info provider?
  • Can info object be info provider?
  • What are the delta options available when you load from flat file?
  • Explain how to connect with LIS Info structures?
  • Differentiate between ODS, Info Cube, and Muli Provider?
  • What is dimension table?
  • What are Data Dictionary objects?
  • What are the types of SID tables in SAP BW?
  • What are the extractor types?What is a primary index?
  • Describe Buffer?
  • How many types of the buffer are present?
  • What is table maintenance generator and how to create that?
  • What is the transaction code?
  • Mention the usage of start-of-selection event?
  • Mention the process of adding new fields to a standard sap table?
  • How can we call BDC program from a report?
  • What are ALV reports? how are they different from normal reports?
  • Describe client concept in SAP? A meaning of client independent?
  • How can we find the return code of a statement in ABAP programs?
  • How can we mention the date in BW?
  • Define Buffer? Mention types of Buffer?
  • Define table maintenance generator and how to create that?
  • What is the transaction code?
  • What is direct input method?
  • Work of EXEC SQL stmt?
  • The disadvantage of using EXEC SQL stmt?
  • The role of ST05 in performance Tuning?
  • Define need of creating an internal table with a header and without header line?
  • Differentiate standard and sorted internal tables?
  • Differentiate hashed & sorted internal tables?
  • Differentiate top-of-page and top-of-page during at-line- selection?
  • Usage of SLIS pool in ALV reports?
  • What are the steps involved in LO Extraction?
  • What are Transfer/Update routines?
  • What is the table that is used in start routines?
  • What is an internal table?
  • Mention the work area in SAP ABAP?
  • How many tables does info cube contain?
  • What is the maximum no. of dimensions in info cube?
  • What is the minimum no of dimensions in info cube?
  • What is the model of the info cube?
  • UESMention data types for characteristic info object?
  • What is the difference between open sql & native sql?

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