SAP BI ABAP Online Training

  • What is SAP BI ABAP online training?
  • What is modeling ?
  • What is an info cube ?
  • How do you replace a query result from a master query to a child query ?
  • What is table partition ?
  • How would you convert a info package group into a process chain ?
  • What is data Integrity?
  • How many tables does info cube contain?
  • What is a ‘Fact Table’?
  • What are info objects?
  • What is the maximum number of key figures and characteristics?
  • What is extended star schema ?
  • How would you optimize the dimensions ?
  • What is Open Hub Service ?
  • How do you transform Open Hub Data ?
  • What are BW Statistics and what is its use ?
  • How to create a connection with LIS Info Structures ?
  • What are the data types for the characteristic info object ?
  • What is data class ?
  • What are lock objects ?

 SAP BI ABAP Online training

The e-learning system follows a methodical approach. The candidates receive both text notes and video tutorials in completing the training. The service follows a test-based approach in helping trainees to understand the diverse applications of the SAP system. The evolutionary system retains its position as the fundamental data matrix support for leading organizations. Java was a later program to develop. The coders of SAP mainframe later incorporated the necessary changes in the mainframe system to accommodate Java programming.

So, if you have a Java background, it is very easy to catch up with the Learn SAP course online system. Beginners would find the fundamental course extremely easy to follow. The accompanying text notes (with screenshots) and video tutorials are crucial in clarifying all doubts on the applicability of the system.

SAP BI ABAP Online Training course content


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