Sap BI/BW 7.3 Online Training

 SAP BI/BW Online Training

The SAP BI/BW is amongst the most difficult technical modules of industry for ERP and SAP. It stands for Business Intelligence as well as Business Information Warehouse respectively. They are built on the SAP NetWeaver building that offers data warehousing gathering as well as business intelligence stage. All the applicable details from the SAP applications may be combined in the BI with different intelligence tools.

What is SAP BI/BW?

The BI (Business Intelligence) is totally based on profit and customer associated models based on the multi dimensional study capabilities. It offers flexible reporting, planning, and analysis tools for the data evaluation and appropriate work distribution. According to the analysis, a company can make very good decisions as well as make tactics for the future deliverable.

Requirements of Information Systems Software

  • Immediate single-point access to all relevant information, regardless of source
  • Coverage of all business processes; cross-system and cross process analyses are becoming increasingly important
  • High quality of information not only in terms of data content but also in terms of the ability to flexibly evaluate data
  • High quality of decision making support; The BI System must support the requirements of both operative and strategic management; only then is it possible to support decisions fully
  • Short implementation time with less resources; As well as being quick to implement a Data ware house must enable simple and quick access to relevant data, avoiding the labour intensive preparation of heterogeneous data.

Properties of Data Warehouse

  • A KPI in the Data warehouse is used to measure customer response on surveys. Based on the survey responses, the customers are grouped into target groups in BW. On the business strategy side a marketing campaign could be planned to target specific customer target groups for higher effectiveness.
  • Properties of a data warehouse
  • Read Only access; Users have read-only access, Meaning that the data is primarily loaded into the data warehouse via the extraction, Transformation and loading (ETL) Process.
  • Cross – Organizational focus data sources from the entire organization (production, sales and distribution, controlling), and possibly external sources, make up the basis of the system.
  • Data Warehouse data is stored persistently over a particular time period.
  • Data is stored on a long-term basis.
  • Designed for efficient query processing; the technical environment and data structures are optimized to answer business questions, not to quickly store transactions.

SAP BI 7.0 /BW 7.3 Course Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Types Of Data
  3. Modeling
  4. SAP BI 7.0 Objects
  5. Reporting
  6. Extraction
  7. Special Topics
  8. SAP BW 3.5 & SAP BW 7..3 Overview & Best Practices

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