SAP ECC Security + BI Security + HR Security Online Training

ECC Security Online Training Course Content:
SAP Security Introduction (Authentication, Authorization)		
Why Do we need security and What needs to be protected		
Implementation Phases (ASAP Methodology)	
User Administration	
    User Types in SAP and their features	
    Single user administration		
    Mass User administration	 	
    Central User administration included configuration steps(CUA)
    User Group concept
    User Parameters and License
    Handling issues

Role Administration
     Introduction to Roles and Profiles
     Types of roles and how to use those as per Business 
     Role creation,changes,transport of roles
     Roles uplaod and download
     SU24 concept
     Authorization Class,Authorization Objects,Authorization fields
User Informatrion System(SUIM)
Missing Authorization Concept

       Findout missing authoriztaion and how to fix
       How to trace missing authorization
       Tracce file analysis
       Steps invloved to do tracing

Login Parameters, Different Security Tables

Table restriction and Authorization group concept

SAP Security Audit

BW/BI Security

Difference between BW & BI functionalities
Analysis authorizations
Difference between BW 3.x & BI7.0
TCodes&Tables in BI
Securing reporting Users access
Authorization trace
Creation & assignment of Analysis authorizations
Securing access to workbooks
Additional BI7 security features

HR Security:
Structural authorizations
HR Master Data authorizations
Authorization main switches
Authorization objects for payroll
Info types concept
Tables in HR