SAP HANA Administration Interview Questions

SAP HANA Administration Interview Questions

What is SAP HANA and Difference Hana and Oracle?

How is SAP HANA Different from Oracle?

What is the Development Language used by SAP HANA

IS Hana support to all Operating System?

What is Parallel Processing in SAP HANA and how it works?

Advantages of using SAP HANA database?

How to design row based tables in SAP HANA?

Advantages and Disadvantages of using row-based tables?

What is a Semantic layer in SAP HANA?

What table type is preferred in SAP HANA Administration?

Explain database component in SAP HANA?

Define Persistent layer and concept of Persistence Layer?

Define Modelling Studio in SAP Hana Administration.

Why do different compression techniques use in HANA?

Define SLT?

What is replication jobs in SAP HANA?

Define Latency?

How can the backup and recovery operations be performed?

What is the definition of Stall?

What are information views?

Define Configuration and Monitoring dashboard?

Explain what is logging table?

SAP HANA Modeling – Implementation online training

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