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Is SAP HANA S/4 Next Big Thing? In the year 1979 R/2 – In the year 1992 R/3 – In the Year 2004 ERP – In the year 2015 SAP S/4 HANA … SAP HANA Sap business warehouse powered by SAP HANA/ SPA Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA / sap Simple finance powered by SAP HANA …

Features of SAP HANA S/4

Real-time Analysis,  reporting , Business , OLAP and OLTP together , SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud for SAP business suite on sap HANA , No aggregates , Single source of truth ,Simplified data model , New user experience, Advanced processing Choice of deployment

Introduction of S/4 Hana Simple Finance / Existing – Data Base DB2, Oracle, SQL etc  / S/4 Hana Database more than 3000 Hana customers / SAP HANA is an in-memory computing Column-Oriented, RDBMS, Hani architecture is designed to handle both high transaction rates and complex query processing on the same platform. High –Performance Analytic Appliance. Versions –  Sfin-0.1  –  The year 2014 Trial version No logistics – Only Finance Activities were given in the beginning, in-depth CO, NO logistics. RAM – 64 Other Versions – Sfin_0.2  – The year 2015 No logistics / CO- Migration to FI, No Mat Ledger, No credit Management, No Simple Logistics.  RAM 128 Another Version – Sfin _1503 Year 2015 S4 Hana Finance Features Available / RAM 256…

CO Migration with F1,2. Mat Ledger is available 3.Simple Logistics System Landscape 4. Transformation is simplified 5.Credit Management with FI 6. House Bank Integration with in-house cash 7. The technical Migration is Made easy.. All these advantages are there only in 1511 version.8. Let us Log into the system and verify the above features

Activity; Log into the 1511 server Check the status screen T code; CFINIMG; (Central Finance Implementation Guide) all the technical functionalities will be available in one screen this is available only in 151

HANA s/4 Simple finance – An Innovative Tool SAP has announced the SAP Simple Finance as their first module in a new S/4 suite. It is extremely focused on the requirements of CFO to run real-time business. Simple HANA s/4 Simple finance offers a read-only view of data stored in HANA database. So far, SAP has just announced it for SAP HANA. SAP HANA s/4 Simple finance is the successor to SAP ERP as well as SAP R/3 & going back to R/2. The thought is to provide a new generation of ERP for the corporations in a gentle and rapid method. Over time, as more functions of S/4beyond HANA s/4 Simple finance are released, it will take over the functions of ECC system. In essence, the S/4 is a side-car which will eat the BW and ERP system along with a few more capabilities.

HANA s/4 Simple finance apps run without indexes materialized views, aggregates & multiple copies of data. The previous SAP Business Suite needed all that as it was designed to run on traditional databases which store all those provisional views to spinning disks. 3rd party databases including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server have gained in-memory adjuncts, however, they still maintain the indexes and aggregates of the past, creating yet several other versions of the same data.

To get rid of all of the copies of data, all of that required storage capacity & processing cycles to keep the entire of those spinning plates running in sync, ‘SAP’ was capable to simplify & shrink the fundamental data model of ERP suite. Finance organizations and administrations need in embracing the digital age to keep-up with new & evolving business models and offers decision makers having instant insight. With HANA s/4 Simple finance, you can create common views of all the operational and financial data, provide flexible, automate processes, easily consumable reporting and instantly evaluate financial implications of business alternatives with real-time analytics simulation and prediction, all with a stunning user experience.

SAP HANA s/4 Simple finance is a complete set of financial management & accounting solutions, covering financial planning & analysis, treasury & financial risk management, accounting & financial close, enterprise risk, compliance management and collaborative finance operations powered by SAP HANA in-memory database.

Designed for the office of the CFO, the solutions remove traditional boundaries between transactional, analytical & planning systems, delivering instant insights having on-the-fly analysis, across all the dimensions of financial data. Although SAP HANA s/4 Simple finance covers all the financial management portfolio, significantly improved / new innovations are available there in each finance area that is highlighted below.

  • (1) Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
  • (2) Accounting & Financial Close
  • (3) Treasury & Financial Risk Management
  • (4) Collaborative Finance Operations
  • (5) Enterprise Risk & Compliance

SAP HANA s/4 Simple finance marks the preliminary step of S-innovations which are a new line of the modular solutions for the lines of commercial as well as industrial natively built on the SAP HANA in-memory platform, completely designed with the user experience of SAP Fiori.

The Advantage of SAP HANA Simple Finance

With SAP HANA Simple Finance, you can transmute the financial management through the instant vision, leveraging the power of ‘SAP HANA’. By making use of innovative technologies, the finance organizations can drive single common view of the financial data to ensure enterprise-wide consistency to minimize errors and reconciliation; enable the real-time processes for prompt insight to make relevant and timely decisions; and make use of prediction, analysis and simulation to evaluate the financial implications of tactical business choices.

Companies have several choices when it comes to deploying SAP HANA Simple Finance.Whether your business is completely on-premise, you want to run the finance in the cloud or uses Hybrid Deployments, SAP HANA Simple Finance has the required flexibility to fit any situation.

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