SAP Hybris C4C Functional Online Training

SAP Hybris C4C Functional Online Training

About SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Administrator Guide
Set Up your SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer System
Initial Setup for your SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer System
Know your Tenant Systems and Workcenters
Profile and Scope your Solution
Create Service Agent and Other Administrators
Choose a Default Client

Minimum System and Software Requirements
Web Applications
Mobile Applications
Language Setting

RACI Compliance Matrix for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
User Management
Configure Employee and Business Role
Partner Contacts

Configure Org. Structures in your SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer System
Distribution Channels
External Identifiers

Maintain Access to Work Centers, Views, Fields, or Users
Setting Up User Access Rights and Restrictions
Overview of Restriction Rules
Assign Work Centers and Work Center Views to Business Roles
Maintaining Access Context
Hide Fields Based on UI Switches
Restricting Authorizations by Fields & Actions
Hide Fields Based on User or Business Role

Export Create Business Data Using Microsoft Excel

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales: Solution Overview
Scope your SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales Solution
Getting Started for SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales Administrators
Sales Features
Sales Quotes and Orders
Sales Planning
Retail Execution
Sales Campaigns
Sales Tools

SAP Hybris Cloud for Service and Social and Process Overview
Enabling Features in Scoping for SAP Hybris Cloud for Service or SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement
Getting Started for SAP Hybris Cloud for Service Administrators
Setup and Configuration Tasks
Service Features
Enabling Resource Scheduler
Configuring Installed Base
Registered Products
Complaint Management
Configuring Maintenance Plans
Configuring Tickets for Customer and Employee Support
Defining Rules for Ticket Routing by Organization or Employee
Configuring Service Level Agreements
Item Processing Codes for Service Quantity Contracts
Setting-up Item Processing Codes for Tickets
Master Data and Other Functionality

Account Management
Scoping and Configuring Accounts
Product Administration
Important tasks
Configuring Product Categories
Creating and Maintaining Product Lists
Workflows, Approvals and Business Task Management
Workflows, Approvals
Notifications using Business Task Management
FAQs for Workflows
Party Processing
Important tasks
Parties in Documents
Recommended Combinations of Party Roles and Business Partners

Groupware Add-Ins
Integrated E-Mail Using Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Service Control Center
Systems Quick Guide
System Availability
Maintenance Schedule
Contact Details
User Subscriptions

System Usage & Monitoring
Usage Statistics
How to Run Background Jobs

Support & Incidents
Business background
Handling Incidents

Work Distribution at Organization and Employee Level
Organizational Work Distribution
Employee Work Distribution

Microsoft Silverlight
SAP Fiori Client

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