SAP MM Certification Online Training India

SAP MM Certification Online Training India

SAP Materials Management Certification Online Course

Introduction to SAP MM

Exploring MM Module in SAP; In a company various transactions related to goods or materials, such as maintaining records and invoicing the purchase orders, need to recorded on regular basis. The SAP System provide the MM Module to store all these transaction details in the form of organizational data. The MM Module is the core Module of the my sap ERP System, as it helps to implement the supply chain. The Module allow you to plan for future production on the basis of post consumption trends.

What is the Role of MM Module in SAP

In the world of Business, the movement of goods or material from a vendor to company and finally to a customers in termed as supply chain. This chain is implemented in the mysap ERP System with the Help of MM Module. The MM Module allows a company to control its inventory, Forecast customer demand, and keep itself updated on all the transactions of supply chain.

The Instant transfer of information among various Modules of the SAP System facilitates smooth functioning. The MM Module helps to transfer the information, such as order details. The status of the Inventory in the storage location and the delivery status to other modules.


Consider a scenario where a customer places order of 50 items in a company now suppose that 20 items are already available in the warehouse; therefore the company has to manufacture 30 items to fulfil the order. The details of this order are maintained in the SD Module of the mysap ERP System which are further forwarded to the MM Module after checking the availability of items in stock. The movement of details from one module to another module is known as flow of Information.

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