SAP S4 Hana with Copa Online Training India

SAP S4 HANA WITH COPA Online Training India

SAP S4 Hana with Copa Online Training India

SAP HANA Intruduction
In-Memory Technology and SAP HANA
Keeping Data in Memory
Columnar Data Organization
Data Encoding and Compression
Columnar Data Organisation
Parallel Execution in Columnar Store
Parallel Aggregation
Store and Merge
Removal of Redundancy
Benefits of a Redundancy-Free System
In-Memory Technology Removes Redundancy
Simplifying the Core Data Model
Immediate Benefits of the New Data Model
Ledger Concept
G/L Architecture &Activation Total tables
Ledger specific Line item tables
Table sorting for valuation for year-end closing in Parallel ledger Difference between Leading and Non-leading ledgers Vs Extension Ledgers
Migration from Special Purpose Ledger to New General Ledger Accounting New Implementation of Parallel Accounting
New Implementation of Segment Reporting
Implementation of the Ledger Approach for Parallel Accounting Change in Chart of Accounts and Conversion of Chart of
Accounts Difference Between Classical G/L-New G/L-Universal Journal Closing operations
Advantages and Simplified solutions in G/L Concept Troubleshooting
New Accounts Receivables and FSCM in S/4 HANA

Accounts Payable in S/4 HANA
Business partner Concept
New data architecture in A/P
Accounts Payable
business process
Closing Operations
Analytics in Accounts Payables

Advantages and Simplified solutions in Accounts Payables Concept
New Asset accounting in S/4 HANA
Features of New Asset Accounting (New AA)
Benefits of New AA
Prerequisites for New AA
Functionalities not supported in New AA
Technical Changes to the table structure in New AA
Customizing New AA functions
New Configurations
Changes in Configurations
Changes to T-codes/Programs
Process Changes with respect to various scenarios in New AA
Manual Legacy Data Transfer
Automatic Legacy Data Transfer
Trouble shooting
Advantages and Simplified solutions in New asset accounting

Controlling In S/4 HANA
Cost element Accounting
Cost Element Accounting in S4 HANA
Cost Elements for Expense Accounts
Cost Elements for Balance Sheet Accounts
Cost Element Groups
Cost Element Attributes
Real-Time Integration of Controlling with Financial Accounting
Cost Center Accounting
Cost Centers
Cost Center Standard Hierarchies
Alternate Cost Center Hierarchies
Cost Center Groups
Statistical Key Figures
Activity Types
Planner Profile
Planning Layouts
Activity Type Planning
Excel Upload of Planning Data
Plan Data Transfer
Actual Postings
Manual Postings
Validation for Account Allocation Period-End Closing
Accrual Calculation Overhead
Periodic Reposting, Distribution, Assessment, and Activity Allocation
Internal Orders
Order Type
Number Range
Status Management
Screen Layout
Plan Integration
Planning Methods
Planning Aids
Maintain Budget
Availability Control
Actual Postings
Period-End Closing
Maintain Allocation Structure
Maintain Source Structure
Maintain Profitability Analysis Transfer
Maintain Settlement Profile
Maintain Line Item Settlement
Create Settlement Rules Automatically
Standard Reporting
Dynamic Selection in Reports
Integration with Simple Logistics
S4 HANA Product costing
Material Master
Bill of Material
Bill of Material Usage
Activity Type
Work Center/Resource
Cost Component Structure
Special Procurement Key
Costing Variant
Costing Sheet
Define Dependencies for Further
Differentiate Overhead Rates with
Overhead Groups
Cost Estimates
Material Cost Estimate with Quantity
Material Cost Estimate without Quantity
Additive Cost
Raw Material Cost Estimate
Multilevel Unit Costing
Mark and Release Prices
Costing Run
Cost Object Controlling
Product Cost by Order
Product Cost by Period
Product Cost by Sales Order
Period-End Closing
Overhead Application
Work in Process
Variance Calculation
S/4 HANA Profitability Analysis
Simplified Profitability Analysis Changes in Profitability Analysis Limitation of Profitability Analysis
Regenerate Operating concern after adding new characteristics Steps to add new configure settings related to Account Based
COPA New Configuration settings for Splitting Cost of goods sold

Posting transactions during order settlement KO88 Real time derivation
Restrictions of Real Time Derivation Profitability Analysis Reporting
Added value Profitability analysis in Universal Journal KE30 Report Line item details
PA reporting – Analysis for Office

Customizing Financials in SAP S/4HANA
Customizing Controlling for Account Based CO-PAPreparing for Migration Material Ledger
Configuring General Ledger Accounting Configuring new Asset Accounting Migrating to New Asset Accounting

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