SAP Success Factors Online Course | SAP SF Online Training

BizX Platform - Success Factors Online Training

SAP Success Factors Online Course | SAP SF Online Training

Using SAP SF ( Success Factors)

  1. Increase growth, lower operating costs and expand profit margins.
  2. Align workforce with strategy and get people working on the right tasks.
  3. Optimize performance across organization find the right people and make the great.
  4. Accelerate business results with the insight need to run your business better.
  5. Improve Strategic Alignment: When you close the gap between strategy and execution, you can see a 5.5 Percent increase in time spent on strategic priorities.
  6. Increase efficiency and Productivity: An optimised workforce can lead to a 14% increase in project completion, a more than 5% increase in productivity and 4.9 % increase in high performers – numbers that go straight to organization bottom line.
  7. Accelerate business results: Want better business results? On average SAP SF added 1 Percent of revenue book to profit.

Cloud – in SAP Success Factors 

  1. No Need to buy or maintain expensive hardware
  2. Lower, predictable monthly cost
  3. Faster time to value
  4. SF Will deliver continual innovations with four releases a year and automatic upgrades. It’s more flexible, scalable and secure and it’s faster than traditional software.
  5. Platform; Success Factors contains a core set of functionality that is common across the entire software suite, whether you deploy the full suite or just one part of it.
  6. Mobile: With smartphones and tablet computers you can take advantage of the power of success factors, anytime, anywhere.

What is On Premise;

  1. On-Premise ERP Solutions are installed locally on your company’s hardware and servers.
  2. Managed by in- house IT Staff.
  3. Cost – Require large upfront and ongoing investments to purchase and manage the software and the related hardware, servers and facilities necessary to run it.
  4. System upgrades and Enhancements- by IT Staff.


  1. CLOUD ERP (or SaS, Software – as – a Service) is provided as a service and hosted on a secure server online.
  2. No need of internal IT Support
  3. Cost – typically much lower because you simple implement the software to your requirements and access it through your computer’s using internet connection.
  4. System Upgrades and Enhancements from SAP – AUTOMATICALLY.

Improved system performance and accessibility Deployment speed.


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