SAP SuccessFactors RM Sample Question Set –

SAP SuccessFactors RM Sample Question Set –

1 What do you enter in the column parent Option in the picklist file?
a If this is NOT a cascading picklist enter 0
b If this is NOT a cascading picklist enter 1
c If it is  cascading picklist, then enter the picklist ID of the picklist
d If it is cascading picklist, enter the OptionID of the parent picklist
Answer B, D
2 When building the sun – mapping between Employee Profile and Candidate Profile to which data model does the second field id reference?
a CDM Data model
b CPI Data model
c JRDM Data Model
d Succession data model
3 Where is private job posting enabled?
a In Admin Center > Manage Recruiting sites
b In Provisioning > Company Settings
c In Admin center > Manage Recruiting Settings
d In Provisioning > Managing Recruitment
4 Where are the permissions to create status groups defined?
a In Provisioning – Company settings
b In the Manage Permissions Roles in the Admin Center
c In the permission section of the JRDM Template
d In the override section of the CDM Template
5 Where can you update pre-screening questions within Question Library?
a Provisioning
b Job Requisition Form
c Admin Center
d Question Library CSV
Answer C, D
6 Where do you set up and define permissions for the Hiring Manager note field?
a In the CDM Template
b In the offer details template
c In the JRDM Template
d In the CPT Template
Answer C
7 Which Templates can be linked to the offer details template?
a CDM Template
d JRCM Template
c CPT Template
d Succession Template
Answer A, B
8 Where do you associate the approval workflow for the job requisition?
a From Template settings
b Manage Permission Roles
c Manage Permission Groups
d Manage Route Maps
Answer D
9 Where are status groups created?
a In Admin Center
b In the CDM Template
c In the JRDM Template
d In Provisioning
Answer A
10 Which statuses are configurable in the Picklist File?
a Inactive
b Active
c Deleted
d Obsoleted
e None
Answer D,B,C

Questions; 15 to 30

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