SAP SUP (SMP) Online training

An Insight Of Prerequisites And Details Of SAP SUP (SMP) Course

This course aids students to develop mobile applications based on Sybase Unwired Platform2.0. In the initial phases of the course aims at development of the mobile applications where first you will develop MBOs and then build the application for your mobile by using SUP and Objective C in case of iOS, .NET for the Windows mobile and for Blackberry, you need to use Java. The SAP SUP (SMP) also imparts lessonsregarding the steps through which you can customize the user interface. As part of this course, you need to undertake various lab exercises.

Criteria for enrollment 

You will learn the steps to navigate the Unwired Work Space that are efficient in creating functional mobile application.Students have to perform various development tasks with the help of advanced features, based on their previous knowledge. Students are equipped to create robust and complex mobile application. To enroll to the SAP SUP (SMP) course, you need to have an intermediate level knowledge in SQL and fundamental knowledge in Java and also intermediate expertise in CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

SAP SUP (SMP) Course Content;

Introduction to Sybase Unwired Platform

MBO creation methods

MBO deployment to Unwired Server

Configuration of the Unwired WorkSpace

Sybase Unwired Platform Architecture for developers

Developing application with the Unwired WorkSpace

Hybrid Web Container-based mobile workflow development

MBO operations, parameters and attributes and Defining MBO relationships


Viewing and testing the generated application

SAP integration using JCo and Developing

SAP Mobility for Android Native Application

Idea on SAP Afaria for Security on Mobility

Deploying to Blackberry, Android Environments

Troubleshooting and Creating SOAP and REST Web Service MBOs


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