SAP SUP SYBASE Unwired Platform Course

Introduction to SYBASE Unwired Platform (SUP)
What is SYBASE Unwired Platform Architecture
What are Installation and Prerequisites
What is Post Installation Tasks
What is Sybase Unwired WorkSpace Overview for Administrators
What are Design and Development
What is Performance Tuning
What is Sybase Control Center
What is Deploying to Various Devices:
What is MBO Deployment to Unwired Server
What are Monitoring and Maintenance
What is Unwired Server Backup and Restore
What is Data Change Notification (DCN) Configuration
What is Troubleshooting
What is BlackBerry,
What is iPhone,
What is Security Administration
What is Windows Mobile, etc?
What is MBO Operations, Parameters, and Attributes
What is Defining MBO Relationships
What is MBO Creation Methods
What is Configuration of the Unwired Workspace
What is Developing Application with the Unwired Workspace (Eclipse)
What is Advanced Client Application Development
What is SAP and Sybase Integration with SUP
What is REST Web Service MBOs
What is SOAP Web Service MBOs
What is Troubleshooting
What is Viewing and Testing the Generated Application
What is MBO Deployment to Unwired Server
What is Workflow Application Development
What is SUP and Portability (Visual Studio and Xcode)
What is Connecting Screens and Alerts
What is Streamlining Generated Screens
What is Adding New Screens / Controls to your Application
What is Developing Applications Using the SYBASE Unwired Platform APIs
Overview of SUP Administration Functions

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