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Complete SAP Testing Online Certification Training (TOA) For Neat Coding

The SAP protocol is the core mainframe matrix of the global enterprise network. The elaborate programming system originally involved the application of a unique coding language called the ABAP. Later, the company developed the mainframe to incorporate elements of non-SAP applications and languages like Java and C++. SAP programming has several aspects. The commonest is the structuring of Webdynpro customized user interface. The webdynpro paradigm operates on the MVC pattern of the SAP Netweaver platform, allowing the development of customized user interfaces at the server end.

Custom SAP coding parameters

These client independent systems serve as effective access points in meeting unique organizational requirements while keeping up with the commitments of network homogeneity. The ‘hook’ mechanism allows developers to custom code the various SAP applications in meeting diverse enterprise requirements. Like all programming practices, unwanted bugs and errors creep into the style sheet. Professional testing experts manually check the program sheet in identifying and rectifying the errors. You would need a specialized understanding of the different testing parameters for the purpose. Look for a suitable training system covering your requirements. Adithyaelearning is a leading Hyderabad-Bangalore based online training system.

Testing effective SAP coding

The licensed e-learning portal delivers effective courses covering various aspects of SAP, including the testing parameters. Obtaining the SAP Testing Online Certification Training (TOA) would enable you to handle diverse testing challenges in a time-efficient manner. The e-learning portal employs a team of experienced testers with several years of experience in handling mainframe computing requirements. The team would look up various aspects of SAP programming in ensuring the optimum applicability of the desired functions. The e-learning system follows a module-based approach into the instructions. Candidates would receive effective video tutorials and text notes in interpreting the various aspects of checking program errors.

Updated tutorials system

The SAP modules online would clarify your confusions on the different parameters such as test data management, performance testing, and test automation. Handling the testing responsibilities is a highly critical task because it is essentially a manual process. Since there are often several scripting options to approach the same application, automated programs cannot locate the error. However, the experienced tester would know the coding shortcut to achieve the same purpose as the long script. Replacing the long codes with the short ones effectively assists the development of neat programming.

The compactness of the custom program determines the optimum usability of the user interface. If there are tedious scripts, technical bottlenecks may develop at a later phase. Besides, testers must have an adequate understanding of the recent upgrades in purview of the Solutions Manager. Coders may forget to implement the new developments. The responsibility subsequently passes on to the tester. The SAP TOA online classes at adithyaelearning would enable you into implementing the latest developments during the final testing.

You receive a valid certificate from the registered e-learning portal. This issuance would be a crucial value addition to your IT skills. Organizations requiring to provider a condensed upgraded training on the latest testing parameters can also benefit greatly from the e-tutorials service.

SAP Testing Course Content;

About SAP Modules:
Time Management
Personnel Administration
Organizational Management

SAP Navigations

Material Management (MM)
Purchasing cycle for materials

Test Case Development
Integrated Business Process
Individual Process

Sales & Distribution (SD)

About Testing
Importance of Testing

Manual Testing and Automation
Automation Tools
Difference between Manual & Automation

Concepts of Testing
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
Defect Management Life Cycle/ Bug Life Cycle

Types of Testing
Different types of testing
Ex:Black Box Testing, White Box Testing etc.

Test Management Tool
Different types of Test Management tools
Test Plan
Test Lab
Defect Reporting
Introduction to Quality Center(QC)

Overview of SAP
Definition of SAP
Architecture of SAP
System Landscape
Different modules in SAP
Difference between R/3 and EP

Brief Overview about ERP
Definition of ERP
Various types of ERP
Difference between ERP Testing and Other Application Testing

(SAP) ASAP Methodology
Project Preparation
Business Blue Print
Final Preparation
Go Live & Suppor

SAP Modules
Material Management
Finance Management (FI /CO)
Human Resource Management /Human Capital Management
Sales & Distribution

Types of Projects
Rollout Project
Upgrade Project
Implementation Project
Support Project

SAP Testing Types
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
Regression Testing

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