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The SAP Infrastructure of Netweaver Exchange is recognized as the SAP NetWeaver XI and also well-known as the SAP Netweaver PI or SAP NetWeaver Process Integration. The SAP NetWeaver PI fulfills the objective of integration engine of SAP implementation about SOA middleware. Having the preface to NetWeaver PI, the SAP has incorporated pre-built integrations to connect with SAP systems with each other and non-SAP systems. After release of the XI 7.1 version of SAP Exchange Infrastructure, the XI was again named as SAP Process Integration. Similar to several NetWeaver products, the SAP Process Integration can be compatible with the other company products. The SAP Integration Server outlines the major component of SAP PI that aids in cooperating between different operating systems as well as applications across external and internal computer network systems. SAP XIPI Online Training is the facility that offers course for SAP PI XI to your home. Also you have added alternative to study SAP XI Process Integration Online Training India because SAP is moving to produce jobs there.

Sap Xi Pi Online Training interview question and answers;

  1. What is Net weaver?
  2. Define SAP PI?
  3. Define message flow in SAP XI?
  4. Write about partner connectivity kit enable?
  5. What is runtime workbench?
  6. Define use of WEB AS alert framework?
  7. What are the monitoring options?
  8. Write BPM usage?
  9. Write types of editors and what are they?
  10. Write the steps involved in integration engine?
  11. Show the different messaging models?
  12. Explain Disadvantages of XSLT Mapping?
  13. Write about service users?
  14. Define Unicode sap web AS platforms?
  15. Explain the tools used by runtime to monitor?
  16. Which adapter has central monitoring and configuration?
  17. Write the integrations in net weaver?
  18. What is Partner connectivity kit is directly integrated?
  19. How do you install XI adapter on XI system?
  20. Write the steps involved in BPM?
  21. Write what are the views you get in message end to end monitoring?
  22. Show how idoc is posted to r/3 system
  23. Define BPM?
  24. What is standard that adapter framework
  25. Define two types of monitoring handled by message monitoring?
  26. Write routing rules?
  27. Define quality of services, under asynchronous process?
  28. Write the components in net weaver?

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