SAS Administration VIYA Online Training

SAS Administration VIYA Online Training

What are the New Changes in SAS Administration VIYA?

SAS administration VIYA is an in-memory, cloud-enabled analytics engine that makes use of scalable, fault-tolerant and elastic processing for addressing the complexities of different analytical challenges. It offers faster processing of analytics by making use of a standardized code base that supports programming in varied languages like Java, SAS, Python, Lua and R. it even supports hybrid, cloud or on-premises environments and can be used seamlessly with any
application or infrastructure ecosystem. Lately, there have been some new changes made to SAS administration

VIYA and they are as follows:

In the authorization solution, there is a new endpoint that supports the sharing of different types of content among the users.
In the field of SAS Environment Manager, there is a new server page added enabling the users to have a view of their SAS VIYA servers. The page also enables them to manage their servers.
SAS administration VIYA programming run-time servers now support Lockdown system option and Lockdown statement.
There are even some changes made to command-line interfaces and configuration properties.

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