SAS Predictive Modelling Online Training

SAS Predictive Modelling Online Training Course Content:

I. Descriptive Statistics

What is Statistics ?

How to Measure Shape
How to Measure central Tendency
How to Measure Dispersion

Sampling Methods

How to do Non Random samplings: Quota, Judgment, Convince and Snow ball sampling
How to do Simple Random Sampling
How to do Cluster Random Sampling
How to do Stratified Random sampling
How to do Systematic Random sampling

Data Preparation

Outlier identification and how handle the outlier problem
Data Handling and preparation
Missing value analysis and imputation

II. Predictive Modeling technique

Simple Linear Regression (SLR)
How to do Data Transformation
How to do Problem of Multicolinarity
How to do Problem of Autocorrelation
How to do Problem of Homoscatasity
How to do Checking Assumption of SLR
How to do Assumption of OLS
How to do MLE
How to do OLS method

III. Statistical Inference

Parametric tests
How to do Non parametric Tests
How to do Two ways ANOVA
How to do One Way ANOVA
How to do Paired t test
How to do Independent of two sample tests ( t test & Z tests)
How to do One sample t test

Chi square Test
IV.Forecasting Technique (Time series Analysis)
V.Logistic Regression for Classification and Prediction
VI.Multiple Linear regressions

Trend analysis
Exponential Smoothing
ARIMA Modeling
Auto regression
Smoothening technique (Moving Average and Exponential smoothing

VII. Multivariate Techniques

Factor Analysis for Data Reduction
Cluster Analysis for Market segmentation
CHIAD (Decision tree)

(Note: There will be assignment for each chapter and we observe the performance & understand you and based on this we will deliver the class.)
(Note: the practical session for these concepts will be thought through SAS Miner)
Duration: 80 hrs