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What is TR, Landscape, Architecture in SAP FICO

What is TR in SAP FICO:

TR, also known as Transport Request in SAP FICO is something that is used as container or for collection of changes/updates that are done in developmental system as it is vastly used for this purpose, it also records the changes and their purpose to transport it , its type and the category
along with its target system. There will be number of change jobs which are usually referred as units of transportable changes, called tasks. There is a process for it, to get the changes done, upload and release which flows as such: Tasks are generally stored in Transport Requests (TR) and are released
once all the tasks are either completed or released or deleted. Change requests are usually named in standard formats <SID>K<Number>, which is not changeable or modifiable by admins. Similarly, tasks also use the same theme and process but with change in numbers, as numbers used here are the ones consecutive to the numbers used in TR containing them.

Workflow for this TR’s will be as follows:
TR’s are at top level created by project managers or leads, then assigned the project member to the respective TR by creating tasks for each member.
So, this will help in accountability of the changes made and once they are made and recorded in TR, project members can release TR’s.
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What is Landscape in SAP Fico:

SAP FICO landscape is the structured design of servers that usually possess development, Quality assurance and production instance also called as DEV, QAS, PROD.  SAP FICO landscape is just a collection or group of SAP instances that consists of development cycle relationship. Click Here to continue

What is Architecture in SAP FICO:

Everything in SAP ends more or less at some point in FI/CO, this is too far wide a scope to provide and knowledge of it is gained only during the business process when worked closely on business. At adithya e-learning, we provide you this kind of experience. The entire process of online training is focused on proving end-to- end complete understanding of the tool. Click Here to continue 

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