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Recruitment Management Process in Success Factors Course

Recruitment Management Process.
This workflow explains to you how the recruitment is connected to other modules and how the process flows in success factors. This is a generic process.
From Employee center from the position, the data will flow into Recruiting if the client is having Employee Central. If they don’t have employee center it directly starts with Job Requisition. Complete Success Factors
Employee Central
Position Recruitment Management Process
New Hire Data
Job Requistion Creation & Approval Job Postions Applicant Management Interview Central Offer Management
Creating Newly Internal Posting Candidate Profile Template Interview Scheduling cancellation Offer Approval
Creating from Families and roles Exteranl Posting Candidate Application Template Interview Assessment Tempalate Management
Copying from existing job requistions Job Boards Posting Automatic disqualification Rating Scale Different ways of offer submission
JRDM Agency Posting Questionslibary Candidate Stack Ranking Offer letter versions
New Hire Data