What is Architecture in SAP FICO Online Training India

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What is Architecture in SAP FICO Online Training India

What is Architecture in SAP FICO:

Everything in SAP ends more or less at some point in FI/CO, this is too far wide a scope to provide and knowledge of it is gained only during the business process when worked closely on business. At adithya e-learning, we provide you this kind of experience. The entire process of online training is focused on proving end-to- end complete understanding of the tool.

Architecture in SAP FICO – This is a 3 tier architecture which includes
Application &

Basically, SAP can be accessed through SAP GUI & Web browser, which is usually called the front end. This front end carries the user’s requests & queries to servers (both database & application). So, to start with, the presentation server is able to provide the graphical interface. Presentation layer which in general is called client layer is used for user interaction through GUI such as Mobiles, Desktops & laptops. Then proceeds to Application servers which includes huge amount of data to store through RAM’s and is specialized with multiple CPU’s. Application layer or server is also called Basic layer and all the SAP application programs are executed in this layer. It is mainly to offload the work to different work process & get the job done. And finally, database server is the most important layer as it contains most customized and important systems which are usually fast and large to store data, generally hard-drives.

What is Landscape in SAP Fico ?

SAP FICO landscape is the structured design of servers that usually possess development, Quality assurance and production instance also called as DEV, QAS, PROD.  SAP FICO landscape is just a collection or group of SAP instances that consists of development cycle relationship.

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