APPLE, IOS Certification Online Training Course Content

Apple, IOS Online Training from India

APPLE, IOS Certification Online Training Course Content

Creating a Xcode Project for iPhone
Using the IOS Interface Builder
Model-View-Controller in IOS
Declaring instance variables in IOS & methods
Setting connections in IOS to UI Views, Setting targets and actions
Deploying an Application in IOS Application lifecycle
IOS Data Types
How to Create an instance in IOS and various Instance methods
Try Sending messages
Destroying an instance
Collection, NS Array
IOS NS Mutable Array
NS Dictionary, IOS NS Mutable Dictionary
Sub-classing an Objective-C Class
Instance Variables
Accessors and properties
Initializers, Self, Super, Class methods
IOS Object ownership
Retain IOS count management
IOS UI Button/UI Segment Control/UI Switch
Setting targets and actions
IOS Implementation methods

IOS UI Text Filed
What are protocols in IOS Implementing delegate methods
CL Location & CL Location Manager in IOS
IOS Model-View_Controller Design pattern
IOS Life Cycle of View Controllers
Using IOS Interface Builder Programmatically
UI Navigation bar/UI Navigation Item
Creation of UI Navigation Controller for IOS
Creation of IOS UI Tab Bar Controller
Using Interface Builder
Creation of Custom IOS UI Table View & Controller
Creation of UI Table View
Using the IOS Interface Builder
Custom UI Table View in IOS
Editing a UI Table View Deleting/Moving/Inserting rows
IOS Camera, Phone Library, UI Image View
Moving an Image View based on gestures in IOS
Responding to Touch Events in IOS
About Layer in IOS & UI View IOS Animation
Playing Video & Audio Files in IOS
Types of Storages in IOS, IOS NS User Defaults, SQLite, Core Data in IOS, Files
Center, UID Custom & Device Notifications
Access data from IOS User Defaults & Storing data in NS User Defaults
About App SandBox in IOS
Reading Data from files in IOS & Writing data to files in IOS
About DML and Integration of SQLite into Apps in IOS
About IOS XML and XML Parsing in IOS
IOS Basic Thread Programming and Create Custom thread to fetch data from URL in IOS
About Webservices
Simple IOS RSS Reader App
Fetching data from URL in IOS
XML Parsing, Integrate with UI
About Core Data
Store/Retrieve data using IOS core data framework
Build Sample IOS app using core data

Overview of Developer/Provisional certificates, Prepare IOS App store build
Overview of Address Book API in IOS
Overview of map kit programming in IOS I App in IOS
Overview of iPad Application UI Pop-over Controller & UI Split View Controller



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