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Elevate Your Skills with ChatGPT Course!

Unlock the Power of Conversational AI with Our Comprehensive Course

Key Highlights:

  1. Learn from the Best: Our course is developed by experts in the field of natural language processing and conversational AI. Benefit from their years of experience and deep understanding of the technology.
  2. Hands-on Projects: Dive into hands-on projects that will allow you to apply what you learn in real-world scenarios. Build chatbots, create conversational agents, and explore the possibilities of AI-driven interactions.
  3. Cutting-edge Curriculum: Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in conversational AI. Our curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the most recent developments and best practices in the field.
  4. Practical Guidance: Receive practical guidance and feedback from instructors as you work through the course. Get personalized support to help you overcome challenges and achieve your learning goals.
  5. Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive learning experiences that cater to different learning styles. Whether you prefer videos, tutorials, or hands-on labs, we have resources to suit your needs.
  6. Community Support: Join a vibrant community of learners and professionals passionate about conversational AI. Connect with peers, share insights, and collaborate on projects to enhance your learning experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to master the fundamentals of conversational AI and advance your career in this exciting field. Enroll in the ChatGPT Course today!


How to buy Options with DELTA , Initial Balance and VWAP

This advanced stock market training course provides in-depth knowledge of market profile analysis specifically designed for option buyers. It covers advanced strategies and techniques to enhance your ability to profitably trade options in the stock market.

Learn how to effectively trade using delta when buying options in this comprehensive course. Understand the concept of delta and its significance in options trading strategies. Gain practical insights on using delta to identify profitable opportunities and minimise risks. Enhance your trading skills and make informed decisions with this course.
Key highlights
  • Understand the concept of delta in options trading
  • Learn how to use delta to identify profitable trading opportunities
  • Discover strategies for minimising risks when buying options
Master the art of trading options using delta as a reliable indicator. Learn strategies to maximize profits and minimize risks in options trading. Enhance your trading skills with our comprehensive course on using delta when buying options.
  • Develop a solid understanding of delta and its role in options trading.
  • Learn how to interpret and utilise delta values for making trading decisions.
  • Discover effective strategies for identifying profitable opportunities using delta.
  • Implement risk management techniques while buying options based on delta analysis.

UI and UX Online Training and Placement Course

7 Best Courses to Learn UI and UX Designs for Beginners in 2021

A very warm welcome guys. As UX designs are the basic need for any website, the demand for UX developers has seen rapid growth. Hence, if you wish to learn UX design and become the top UX designer in 2021, then you have arrived at the right place. In this context, we will discuss some UI and UX design online courses to help you out in the future.

Earlier, I have shared the best web design courses and web development courses. While in In this article, we will discuss the best UX online course and certifications to help you out in becoming the trending UX designer of 2021.

In today's corporate world, the demand for UX, UI, and web design professionals has been increased and opens the door for many local and remote jobs. If you pursue its certification, you will stand out from other candidates in the job queue.

The value of a trained UX designer will be increased amongst the job queue of those applicants who are non-certified or self-taught. Pursuing superior quality UX training not only makes you look good on the paper but also provides different in-depth skills and strategies that make you go beyond the surface.

Moreover, if you have the capability of making good UX designs, you can take your certifications to get a better job in the market.

But it’s not important that certification in UX design can guarantee you a prominent place somewhere. For these reasons, people choose to hire a reputable and trustworthy UX design provider for taking a significant step.

For your way, we have framed the 7 best UI/UX certifications and online training with outstanding features which makes your learning experience more valuable. The courses given below can improve your skills and knowledge in this particular field.

7 Best UI/UX Design Online Courses for Beginners in 2021

Now, let’s don’t waste much time and start with the top 7 online training courses for UX design in 2021. The given courses are best from Udemy, Coursera, plural sight, etc which are trusted by a lot of learners.

It can be taken either from home or office because the courses are completely online. Either you are going for a job in MNC or want to do some remote UI and UX gigs, the courses below will provide you all the necessary skills.

1- UX and web design master course – strategy, design, and development

It is one of the prominent courses for UX and web design on Adithya-elearning. For those who are starting their journey as UX designers, this course is perfect to be pursued. As it provides the fundamental knowledge of UX design. This is created by Joe Natoli and is a very comprehensive course, that's why it tries to prevent gaps when you are pursuing this course.

Joe Natoli teaches the fundamentals engagingly and attractively by telling their memories and experiences. In this course, learning UX fundamental topics is not only required in learning, but different practical sessions will be there so that you can implement your knowledge on CMS-driven websites.

It is the perfect course for those who want to develop their website with UX in mind. To join For this course, click on the link provided.

2- User experience research and design (Coursera best course)

This course is made for those who have strong knowledge about UX. By combining UX research and design, this course is perfect for persons who would like to develop refined products which take into account customer needs for testing and evaluating prototypes.

It is the Coursera certification course developed by a group of professors from The University of Michigan so that this certificate may get some value. This course will also provide a huge advantage to your portfolio because it has the capstone project which has U X research and design principles.

If you are a beginner, then you can also pursue this course. And 50% of these course takes have built their strong career as UX developers. To join the course, click on the link given. You can also join the Coursera subscription to get unlimited access to popular courses, specialization, certification, etc.

3- User experience design essentials – Adobe XD UI UX design

Another wonderful course for learning UX design and user experience on adithyaelearning. In this course, you will also come to know about the UI design tools like Adobe Xd. This is developed by Daniel Walter Scott. It provides knowledge about UI, UX, and WD. With the user experience designing essentials, you will get access to 3 in 1 courses at pocket-friendly rates.

You don’t need to pay attention to the quality of this course. It is also the perfect option for those who want to know all the necessary components in the project design. The unique feature of this course is that you can get a real-time invitation from Danial on the freelance project he is working on. This way you can learn about handling real-world projects. This course is also perfect for you if you have little to no experience in UI/UX. For joining this course, click the link below

4- User experience (UX) design – Human factors and culture in design.

One more wonderful course about the user experience by edX. This course will teach you about how UX designs have been used in different cultural backgrounds and abilities. In designing, not only UX matters but also the human behavior factor and potential customers matters.

This course is similar to the course discussed above. It requires UI and UX design combination knowledge for helping developers and designers to develop the design more prospective.

When you have the perfect design on your mind, you can encourage focusing on the gradual elaboration for cultural prospects. This course is made for those persons who are interested in learning about Chinese culture. Thus, if you belong to the Chinese market this course is solely for you. You can register for this course at the given link.

5- Cooper crash course – design thinking in 3 steps

It is one of the popular introductory courses in UX design on Udemy. It is created by the well-known software designer, programmer, and visual basic developer, Alan Cooper. This course is beneficial in providing you the knowledge about the customer perspective and their act.

In this course, you can brainstorm the ideas for realizing the creative solution based on the prototypes. This course is for those who aspire to incorporate user-focused designing elements for the projects. To join the course, click on the link provided below.

6- UX fundamentals (plural sight best course)

For beginners to learn UX design, it’s one of the best courses on plural sight. It provides a systematic framework for designing the experience of any product and service on the platform. It designs simple and intuitive experiences for building an amazing experience that focuses on the user. You will learn about
● Use research
● User journey and scenarios
● Wireframing
● Prototyping
● Usability testing

Overall, it’s an amazing course for learning how to design a simple yet intuitive experience for the users. To join this course, click on the link provided below.

7- Complete Web and mobile designer in 2021 – UI/UX, Figma, +more Another comprehensive course for learning UI design for web and mobile development online. This course will guide you about the basic principles and fundamentals for graphic designing for generating amazing products, learning about UI and UX, interaction, and for
developing the designing process to use for future projects and clients. It includes

Here you will also come to know about the UI/UX practices for using in the latest trends of the industry. You will get to know all about the Figma and different tools by the top designers worldwide.

To join the course, click on the link provided below. It's created by Andrej Neagoie which is available on Udemy and ZTM academy.

It’s all about the best courses for learning UI/UX design Online Training VIDEO FREE  in 2021. This training will be very useful and provide a lot of help if you want to learn UI/UX design. These skills are very trendy and their demand will increase because more and more businesses are now running on online platforms. This is the perfect time for acquiring in-demand skills and becoming a UI/UX developer.

A lot of appreciation for reading this article. If you find this content useful, then do share it with your friends and colleagues. While for any query drop us the note.

P.S – If you eagerly want to pursue any of the above courses but are unable to or use due to financial problems or just want to try the free course, then I will highly recommend web design for web developers – Build beautiful websites course from Jonas Schedtamann, the best introductory design courses on Udemy for free.


How to start Snowflake Certification course Online

Is the Snowflake database platform a good replacement for Hadoop? OR  Can snowflake be the accurate replacement for Hadoop?

Companies from various spheres are highly investing in big data analytics. The companies are analyzing their databases for finding the hidden patterns, strange correlations, marketing trends, customer experience, and varied business information. With these findings, they can be able to improve their company in numerous ways.

Many data frameworks are available for the companies to use, but out of others, snowflake and Hadoop are the prominent ones. Various big companies are likely to be using Snowflake and Hadoop as their big data framework solutions. While many companies who are using Hadoop for a longer time and desire to switch on to Snowflake big data platform should read on to this article. It will introduce you to the major features of both platforms to find out whether Snowflake can be a good replacement for Snowflake or not.

How is Hadoop’s performance different from Snowflake’s?

Hadoop was designed for continuously compiling the data from different resources without worrying about the data type and storage across the distributed environment. On the other hand, snowflake’s beauty lies in virtual warehouses. It provides the virtual workload and capacity.

Which platform provides the ease of usability? 

In Hadoop, the data can be easily injected by using the shell or integrating it with other tools such as Sqoop and flume. Whereas the snowflake database platform can be set up and gets into running mode in minutes. With snowflake, the requirement of deploying and configuring hardware or software becomes zero.


With the above discussion, it’s clear that in comparison to Hadoop, Snowflake will enable you to deliver deeper insights and add more value. This makes Snowflake a good replacement for Hadoop.