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C_THR83_1802 – SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management

1 Which of the following fields would you map between the candidate profile and Employee profile?
a Expected salary
b Available start date
c Language skills
d professional membership
Answer D, C
2 What must be set up to auto-populate competencies on a regulation?
a Competencies are mapped to roles
b Families and Rules are implemented and maintained
c Background elements are set up to auto popular competencies
d sap success factors employee cental is in use.
Answer A, B
3 What needs to be enabled for an external candidate to accept an online offer without using an E-Signature?
A Enable role-based permissions for a candidate
B Enable an email template that has the online other taken, directing candidates to the carrier portal
C Enable Deco sign Integration for eSignature
D Enable Candidate privacy in provisioning
Answer B
4 Which CDM override elements do you use to display specific fields on an applications
A Applicant Type
B Country of the job
C Background element feature
D Country of the job posting
Answer A,B
5 Where would you configure the e-mail template that is associated with the requisition road map?
a In Admin Center > Manage to offer latter template
b In Admin Center > Manage to recruit settings
c In Admin center > Email template Notification settings
d In Admin Center > Manage recruiting Email settings
6 You need to set up a route map step where the Hiring Manager reviews a job requisition during the creation process. This hiring manager form.
What operator values need to be assigned in the initial step of the route map?
a Originator (o)
b Hiring Manager ©
c Manager of the Recruiter (RM)
d Additional Approver (v)
Answer D, B
7 Interview scheduling and Outlook integration are enabled how are available time slots for an interview created in the system?
a Entered by the interviewer into interview central
b Populated form the outlook calendar of the interviewer
c Populated from the carrier portal of the interviewer
d Entered by the interviewer into interview scheduling
Answer D
8 You want a custom field from the job requisition to be available as a token for Recruiting E-mails
How do you do this?
a Add the field ID to use Manage to recruit section in provisioning > Configure custom token settings
b Add the field ID to use Manage to recruit section in provisioning > Configure custom token and synchronize the existing data
C Add the field ID as a reportable field in order to use it as a token
D Add the field ID to the Manage Recruiting E-mail section in the Admin Center
9 What field permissions do you configure on the candidate profile template?
a None read and wire for candidates and dynamic groups
b Read and write permissions for candidates and dynamic groups
c None read and write for dynamics groups only
d Read and write for candidates only
Answer A
10 What needs to be configured to enable recruiting e-mail triggers?
a The email trigger needs to be enabled in the Admin Center
b An email template needs to be assigned to the email trigger
c The e-mail trigger needs to be enabled in the JRDM temple
d The J permissions needs to be granted in the CDM Template
Answer A,B
11 Where are the operator roles used?
a In application XML Field permissions
b In candidate profile XML Field permissions
c In requisition XML mobile fields
d In the requisition Route maps
Answer A,D
12 You want to link a field in the job requisition to a field in the offer approval template
What attibute do you use?
a Tempalate = Type = Job = req
b Tempalate = type = simple job requisition
c Tempalate = type = job = requisition
d Tempalate = type = job – JRDM
Answer A
13 How many Candidate profile templates can you configure in an instance?
a One for all candidates
b One for each JRDM Template
c One for internal candidates and one for each external career site
d One for internal candidates and one for external candidates
Answer A
14 What is the Anonymize attribute intended for?
a To trigger the country override in the application
b to mark data as sensitive for reading and change logging audits
c to display candidate facing fields in the application
d to hide personally identifiable information
Answer D
15 What is recommended when configuring templates in Recruiting module?
a Request indexing for the JRDM XML Code
b Create all microsites for internal career sites before the JRDM XML is created
c Validate your XML code against the DTD
d Start your XML code permissions with none permission
Answer C

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing Online Training

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing

There is nothing new about SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing. Nevertheless, it is basically a module that seems to be a bit underutilized. Perhaps, it would be better to say that it has not even been discovered by a large number of consumers. However, with the emergence of CSB or Career Site Builder, it is being envisaged that the use of this ecosystem will expand aggressively in the near future. Here, it is important to note that CSB works in the form of a tool that helps consumers in having complete control on their career sources. It is this flexibility that makes recruiting marketing highly attractive.

An Overview

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing helps consumers in engaging and finding the very best of talent available across the marketplace. This is one of the most useful and supporting modules that carrier out procedures like candidate sourcing management and engagement, all on
one single platform.

SAP Success Factors Recruitment Management Course Details 

SAP Scuccess Factors Recruitment Quesiton Paper 


SAP SF Workforce Analytics and Planning Online Course

What is SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics and Planning?

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics and Planning is a module that can effectively be used for driving performance and even results. This is a smart module that helps businesses in making more informed and fast decisions. This workforce analytics and planning tool also helps individuals and businesses in leveraging highly advanced and embedded insights and intelligence into all the HR procedures starting from recruitment to the retention of candidates. It helps them in making smart decisions that further support different business strategies.

Effective Decision-Making

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics and Planning offers an actionable and concrete insight on workforce data for driving business strategies in the present times and even in the future. This is one tool that helps in enhancing the effectiveness of the HR policies and systems of work in a business environment by way of an all-inclusive library of several standard metrics, HR best practices and industry benchmarks that further help in measuring the things that actually matter.

Other Modules SAP Success Factors


Cryptography Online Training Video

What is Cryptography?

Data transfer within a certain business system generally takes place by making the efficient use of the digital medium. This is a situation where data remains at prime focus of all organizations. In this context, cryptography has an important role to play in maintaining complete safety in the transfer of data. This is a technique that comes with core importance and we will definitely have a look at it.

Cryptography is basically a procedure of hiding the information that is being transferred by the use of image-word merging, microdots or by using some other mediums. In the technical field, cryptography can be defined as the process of scrambling simple text in an encrypted form which is generally known as Ciphertext. It also involves the process of scrambling simple text into a decrypted form called Cleartext. The entire procedure of encoding and decoding is known as cryptography. The professionals who practice this procedure are called cryptographers.

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How to Complete SF On-Boarding Certification

How to Complete Success Factors On-Boarding Certification Where to Learn Course Online?

SAP Success Factors On-Boarding Certification offers a personal, automatic and easy way of improving the orientation of new hire and easing the onboarding procedure. Success factors acquired the onboarding module several years ago and integrated it into the BizX platform quickly. It is a strategy that made complete sense while giving much value to the clients and providing great user experience at the same time.

Onboarding certification is a next-generation onboarding solution and there are a number of steps that need to be carried out for preparing in the best way for this evolving certification. It will offer more extensibility and flexibility while featuring common business rules, data structures, and document management. Coming to the point of where to learn the On-Boarding course online, it always makes sense to go for online training schools that is known for helping students perform the implementation and the use of the On-Boarding module successfully and in the shortest time possible.

What are the new changes in SAP Success Factors On-boarding


SAP SF RM Certification Questions and Online Practice Exam



1 What is the effect of activating the Profile Before Application feature?
a A candidate needs to complete their profile before being able to search for a position
b A candidate needs to complete their profile before being able to send an application
c A candidates application can be admitted late to the selection process
D The registration via Linkedin on carrier sites are now available
Answer C
2 Where are the values for the standard fields country and state-province derived from?
a Admin Center > Set up Job Board Options
b Provisioning > Company settings
c Provisioning > Search filter settings
d Admin center > picklist management.
Answer A
3 Which information must be defined within feature permissions in the JRDM template?
a Application status set
b Type of feature permission
c Recruiting role(s)
d Candidate Status
E Rating Scale
Answer A,B,C
4 Which taken should be used to direct a candidate to an online offer?
a Login_url
b Carrer_site_url
c Application Pace_url
d Candidate_offer_url
Answer D
5 Which buttons are configured in the JRDM Temple?
a Close Job Requisition
b Reopen job Requisition
c Delete job Requisition
d Print Job Requisition
Answer A,B
6 An agent submitted an agency candidate where does this candidate appear in the talent pipeline?
a Interview
b Default
c Forwarded to another requisition
d Forwarded
Answer D
7 Who can edit an existing recruiting group?
a The original creator of the requisition template
b All users with appropriate administrative permissions
C The original creator of the recruiting group
d All members of the recruiting group
Answer A
8 What Must you do to request access to a customer instance?
a Have access to the Customers signed contract
b Gain customer approval
c Assign the customer to your provisioning ID
D Enable Company settings in Provisioning for the Customer.
Answer A
9 Who can configure custom help text?
a Hiring Managers
b Recruiters
c Administrators
d Candidates
Answer C
10 How are interviews ratings of an applicant displayed to a recruiter?
a As a percentage
b As thumbs up or down
c As approved or declined
d As an average rating for each competency
Answer B,D
11 What requisitions statuses can an administrator set a auto to populate a value on the standard charted picklist field?
a Closed
b Pre-Approved
c Other Approval
d Approved
e Default
Answer D, A, E
12 If you want to create and send a contact to your candidate, which of the following permissions do you enable?
a Offer Approvals
b Onboarding Letters
c Offer Letters
d Application historical results
Answer C
13 Which of the following are components of the candidate profile template (CPT)
a Background elements
b Field permissions
c sm mapping config
d Bottom permissions
Answer A, D
14 Which data should be captured from pre-screening questions?
a Data Regarding gender
b Ability and willingness to travel
c Eligibility for employment
d Compliance information
Answer C,D
15 Where is synchronization mapping between employee profile and candidate profile defined?
a In the Job Requisition Data Model temple (JRDM)
b In the candidate application Data Model Template (CDM)
c In the Succession Data Model Template (SDM)
d In the Candidate Profile Template ( CPT)
Answer D

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New Changes in Success Factors On-Boarding Module

What are the New Changes in Success Factors On-Boarding Module?

You might have heard some precise discussions regarding the changes made to the Success Factors On-Boarding Module. This is absolutely true. There has been a major overhaul to the already existing On-Boarding module made by SAP Success Factors. Despite the fact that it is not being considered a completely new module, there are certainly some new looks and features available to the end users. Some of the new and major changes that have been made to Success Factors On-Boarding Module are:

  • Panels would not be an experience for the users to see when they enter and confirm the data of a new employee. The user interface design for Employee Central has been re-purposed and applied to On-Boarding.
  • Super Admin would no longer be available.
  • Complete deprecation of the Employee Portal.
  • Extension Center has been added.

This is in no ways a comprehensive list of the changes that have been made to the Success Factors On-Boarding Module. There are some other changes that would be listed over time.


SAP SuccessFactors RM Sample Question Set –

1 What do you enter in the column parent Option in the picklist file?
a If this is NOT a cascading picklist enter 0
b If this is NOT a cascading picklist enter 1
c If it is  cascading picklist, then enter the picklist ID of the picklist
d If it is cascading picklist, enter the OptionID of the parent picklist
Answer B, D
2 When building the sun – mapping between Employee Profile and Candidate Profile to which data model does the second field id reference?
a CDM Data model
b CPI Data model
c JRDM Data Model
d Succession data model
3 Where is private job posting enabled?
a In Admin Center > Manage Recruiting sites
b In Provisioning > Company Settings
c In Admin center > Manage Recruiting Settings
d In Provisioning > Managing Recruitment
4 Where are the permissions to create status groups defined?
a In Provisioning – Company settings
b In the Manage Permissions Roles in the Admin Center
c In the permission section of the JRDM Template
d In the override section of the CDM Template
5 Where can you update pre-screening questions within Question Library?
a Provisioning
b Job Requisition Form
c Admin Center
d Question Library CSV
Answer C, D
6 Where do you set up and define permissions for the Hiring Manager note field?
a In the CDM Template
b In the offer details template
c In the JRDM Template
d In the CPT Template
Answer C
7 Which Templates can be linked to the offer details template?
a CDM Template
d JRCM Template
c CPT Template
d Succession Template
Answer A, B
8 Where do you associate the approval workflow for the job requisition?
a From Template settings
b Manage Permission Roles
c Manage Permission Groups
d Manage Route Maps
Answer D
9 Where are status groups created?
a In Admin Center
b In the CDM Template
c In the JRDM Template
d In Provisioning
Answer A
10 Which statuses are configurable in the Picklist File?
a Inactive
b Active
c Deleted
d Obsoleted
e None
Answer D,B,C

Questions; 15 to 30

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SAP Success Factors RCM Certification Questions

1 Where do the headers and footers included in the JRDM templates appear?
a At the top and bottom of the career portals page
b At the top and bottom of the Recruiting marketing application
c At the top and bottom of the job description
d At the top and bottom of the job application
2 Where do you update the standard field label to change the label on the candidate application?
a Provisioning
b CPT Template
c CDM Template
d Admin Center
3 You have enabled Interview scheduling
Where can a candidate manage all activities related to an Interview?
a In the Candidates tab
b In the Interview Central
c In the career Portal
d In the Agency portal
4 What color Is used for the business card of agency candidates displayed in Recruiting?
a Blue
b Pink
c Green
d Yellow
5 How many CDM Templates can be connected to one JRDM Template?
a 1
b 2
c 3
d 4

SAP Success Factors Recruitment Management Online Course – Video.

Questions; 5 to 15


SAP BUILD Online Training Course Content


How to Certified in SAP BUILD and perform in Real-time Environment click above  for details
1) Importance of Design Thinking
2) Setup of SAP BUILD
3) Creating Personas in SAP BUILD
4) Different types of prototypes
5) Creating interactive low fidelity prototype in SAP BUILD
6) Creating high fidelity prototype in SAP BUILD
7)) Creating high fidelity prototype using ready-made templates
8) Creating a Data Store in BUILD to use within prototypes
9) Connecting a prototype to an external data source to BUILD
10) Testing and gathering feedback from users in SAP BUILD
11) Consumption of SAP BUILD prototypes in WEBIDE to ease the development cycle
12) Basic issue and troubleshooting resources.