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Snowflake Online Training and Placement India

What are snowflake SQL and ETL?

Because nowadays all organizations are running on a modern data-driven basis, every business irrespective of their domains is understanding the significance of the cloud data warehouse. Whereas, one such popular database platform which is known for its outstanding data warehouse platform is Snowflake. Its warehousing system offers flexibility and scalability to organizations. Snowflake aims at making organizations benefit from the lowest cost of cloud storage. Snowflake offers mainly two data warehouse platforms for the organizations as Snowflake SQL and Snowflake ETL. We have discussed both in this blog below

What is Snowflake SQL?

Generally, SQL is a structured query language which is the systematic format for managing and querying databases. Snowflake supports SQL. Snowflake SQL means that all the common operations are in use within its framework. This platform aids the operations which enable the warehousing operations of creating, updating, and inserting. SQL is used in Snowflake for queries in an ordeal to find the specific data by panning against its norms.

What is Snowflake ETL?

ETL is termed as a short form of extract, transform, and load. Snowflake ETL is the procedure of extracting the data from one or more sources, transferring it to the consistent layouts, and then loading it to the targeted database or warehouse. It is the process of applying ETL to load the data into the data warehouse. The sources from which the data will be extracted can be flat files, third-party applications, databases, etc.


This blog has discussed the data warehouse platforms – Snowflake SQL and ETL. For any doubt regarding any of them, you can clear from here.


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