Online Data Science Training using SAS & R | Data Science Course

Introduction to Data Science – Advanced Analytics
Excel – Basic & Advanced
SAS Reporting OutPut Exporting
SAS Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Visualization
SAS Data Manipulation
SAS Introduction – Data Importing – Understanding
Advanced SAS (Proc SQL – Macros) – Optimizing SAS Codes
R-Data Manipulation
R-Introduction Data Importing and Exporting
Basic Statistics – Hypothesis Testing – Statistical Methods
R-Data Analysis – Visualization
Data Preparation Predictive Modeling – Factor Analysis
Predictive Modeling – Introduction Steps
Predictive Modeling – Time Series Forecasting
Predictive Modeling – Logistic Regression
Predictive Modeling – Linear Regression
Predictive Modeling – Decision Tree
Predictive Modeling – Segmentation
Regression and Classification model Building
Introduction to Machine Learning