EMC Documentum 7.x Certification Online Training India

Are we starting this Documentum online training with Documentum Fundamentals? After competition of this training, you will be able to define Enterprise content Management system and also Repository concepts in Documentum.

What are the Features of Documentum?

  1. Secure
  2. Content Management System
  3. Enterprise Class

What is Enterprise Content Management System?

  1. Documentum is an ECM System it stores and manages various types of content. It manages content globally by securing content using permissions.
  2. Documentum has a very strong security model. It also provides search tools to find the content.
  3. In the Version 5.0 and 5.2.5 search engine use variety. Now the latest versions are Documentum 6 and Documentum 6.5 uses for the fast search Engine.
  4. Through the lifecycle and business process, it controls the content.
  5. Documentum dynamically assembles and delivers personalized content and Integrates with Authoring tools such as Microsoft and Dreamweaver.
  6. It connects to different Lotus notes and SAP as other enterprise systems.

What is Documentum Repository or (Docbase )?

  1. Before Documentum 5.3 depository was called as Docbase. Both of these tools are used interchangeably.
  2. Both content and Metadata are managed by the content management systems.
  3. This Documentum uses the host file system by default to store the content.

What is RDBMS?

  1. RDBMS is known as Relational Database Management system it is to manage the Meta Data and it is associated with Content Items

What is Repository?

  1. A repository is a management unit of Content and Metadata storage and includes an area on the file system and Database.
  2. The repository can reside on Windows or UNIX server.

What is Content Server?

  1. Content servers provide content to applications which provide User Interface to the end users. The content server brings the stored content and Meta Data to live and manages its life cycle. It hides the details and how the where the Metadata are stored.

What are the Industries Content?

  1. HealthCARE
  2. Electronic Patient records
  3. New member enrollment
  4. Medical/ dental reimbursement
  5. Insurance
  6. Property and Casualty claims processing
  7. Insurance Underwriting
  8. New Account Opening
  9. Financial Services
  10. Banking and Wealth management account opening
  11. Mortgage Lending
  12. Loan Servicing
  13. Public Sector
  14. Dispute resolution
  15. Courts case management
  16. Social Services (HHS)

We are providing Online Instructor-led Training on Latest Documentum 6.5.

EMC Documentum Course Content

Enterprise Content Management Overview
What is Documentum Architecture and Product
What is Searching and Security
What are Objects and Types
What is Renditions
What is Managing Content
What is Alias Sets
What is Library operations
What is Versioning
What is API
What is Creating and Managing Type
What are Users and Group
What is DocApp
What is Documentum Query Language (DQL)
What are Lifecycle and Workflows
What is Composer/DAB and LDAP Configuration
What is Themes
What is Creating Storage Area
Complete Documentum administration operations

Documentum Development Topics
What is Full-Text Server Installation
What is Introduction to Component Customization
What is WDK Overview and Installation
What is Component Configuration
What is Application Layer Configuration
What is Controls Overview
What is Advanced Component Configuration
What is Performing Task Using DFC
What is Business Object Frame (BOF)
What is Configuring Index Agent
What are Behavior and Event
What is DFC Type Related Interface