Oracle Fusion HCM Payroll Online Training

Oracle Fusion HCM Payroll Online Training

Initial Setups – Functional Setup Manager and Application Implementation
Enabling Offerings, Functional Areas, and Features for Initial Use
Setup and Maintenance Tasks
Overview of Functional Setup Manager
Overview of Implementation Projects
Managing Payroll and Payroll Flow Security Profiles
Creating roles and setup users

Defining Common Applications Configuration
Managing Geographies
Managing Payroll features by country
Managing Legal Jurisdictions and Legal Authorities
Managing Legal Entities
Managing Legal Reporting Units

Defining Payroll Business Definitions
Managing Payroll Business Definitions
Managing Payroll Employment Hierarchy Profile Option Values

Defining Payment Methods
Managing Bank Accounts
Managing Organization Payment Methods
Managing Personal Payment Methods
Managing Third Parties and Third-Party Payment Methods

Defining Pay Frequencies
Managing Consolidation Groups
Managing Payroll Definitions
Managing Time Definitions

Defining Payroll Elements
Understanding Elements
Understanding Element Classifications
Managing Earnings and Deductions
Setting up elements (earnings, deductions, Employer Contributions, 401k etc.)
Creating Element Entries and Calculation Cards
Creating Element Entries
Managing Calculation Cards
Overview of Payroll Fast Formulas
Managing User-Defined Tables
Understanding Fast Formula Components
Skip rule examples
Common fast formula changes
Defining Balance Definitions
Managing Balance Definitions
Managing Balance Feeds
Calculating Payroll
Understanding the Payroll Calculation Process
Reviewing Payroll Results
Defining Events
Managing Proration Event Groups
Managing Retroactive Event Groups
Defining Payroll Costing

Payroll Costing Overview
Identifying Cost Allocation Key Flexfield Overview
Understanding the Cost Hierarchy
Managing Payroll Costing
Costing an Element

Defining Object Groups
Understanding Object Groups Overview
Managing Element Groups
Managing Work Relationship Groups
Managing Payroll Relationship Groups
Defining Payroll Flow Patterns
Managing Payroll Flow Pattern Overview
Managing Payroll Process Configuration

Testing the Setup
Managing Payroll Flow Tasks
Running Payroll Using a Flow Pattern
Running a Supplemental Payroll
Generating Payments Using a Flow Pattern
Verifying Payroll Run Results

Single Employee
Single Employee with Corrections – Retry, Rollback & Reversal
Group of Employees
Group of Employees with Corrections – Retry, Rollback & Reversal
Group of Employees reports purpose
Verifying Payslips
Correction of Check payment
Fast formula Payroll
Supp Payroll run for signing Bonus – Single
Supp Payroll run for signing Bonus – Second
Payroll Balancing & Reconciliation
How Fusion Finance integrates with Fusion HCM
Advance Payment
Employee Loans
3rd Party Payment Method
UK Imp Project
US Imp Project

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