Oracle Global HRMS Online Training

Oracle Global HRMS Online Training

Oracle Fusion HCM Course Overview
Global Human Resources Course Overview
Human Capital Management: Overview
User Interface Overview

Functional Setup Manager:
-> Functional Setup Manager – Initial Overview
->  Getting Ready
->  Implementing Fusion Applications
->  Planning for Implementation
->  Configuring Offerings
->  Generating Setup Task Lists
->  Assigning Setup Tasks to Users
->  Entering Setup Data
->  Exporting and Importing Setup Data
->  Maintaining Setup Data

Geographies in Fusion HCM
->  Geography Model
->  Geography Structure
->  Explain File-Based Import Process

Enterprise Structures in Fusion HCM
->  Establishing Enterprise Structures Using the Esc
->  Reviewing the Configuration

Job and Position Structures
->  Determine Job and Position Usage
->  Define Additional Job and Position Attributes at Enterprise

Define Enterprise HCM Information
->  Manage Enterprise HCM Information Task
->  Employment Model
->  Work Day Information
->  Number Generation
->  Person- Name Languages
->  Enterprise-Level User and Role-Provisioning Options

Define Legal Entities for HCM
->  Legal Entity Role
->  Legal Entity Considerations
->  Legal Entity and Its Relationship to Divisions
->  Legal Reporting Units Overview
->  Legislative Data Groups
->  Creating Reference Data Sets and Business Units

Define Workforce Structures
->  Defining Locations
->  Defining HCM Organizations
->  Actions and Action Reasons

Define Grades
->  Grades Setup and Maintenance
->  Defining Grades
->  Defining Grade Rates
->  Defining Grade Ladders

Define Jobs
->  Jobs Setup and Maintenance
->  Lookups for Jobs
->  Grades
->  Job Families

Define Positions
->  Positions Setup and Maintenance
->  Positions Example: Retail Industry

Manage Workforce Cycle
->  Add Person
->  Manage Employment Information
->  Areas of Responsibility
->  Employment Processes
->  Mass Updates

Maintain Worker Directories
->  Person Gallery and Portrait
->  Person Search
->  Manager Self-Service
->  Worker Self-Service
->  Portrait Cards
->  Simplified User Experience
->  Managing Gallery Portrait

Define Workforce Records
->  Defining Availability
->  Defining Person Record Values
->  Defining Employment Record Values
->  Defining Documents

Oracle HCM Talent Management Online Course

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