Salesforce Administration Online Self learning Videos

Salesforce Administration Online Self learning Videos

What is App lifecycle?

The lifecycle management of computer programs is known as the Application lifecycle or App life cycle. They look after the basic requirement of management like computer programming, software testing, change of management, software architecture and maintenance, project, management of the project, integration, continuous integration, release management and so on. They are designed which allows the specification in the design, development, testing of the particular software application. From the idea conception, they cover the lifecycle through testing, support, development, deployment and even retirement of the system. They are likely to cover separate, different disciplines which sometimes include IT service, consumer support, testing for development, management of the project, requirement management, and even Quality assurance. They are very much important for software development because of the inefficient, prone to scope, missed deadline, overrun of cost, discipline made on the software separately. It is important for the organizations to have integrated terms which can define the requirement simultaneously.

What is Salesforce Lightning?

The component-based framework of which is required for development from Salesforce is known as Salesforce Lightning. They are designed for easy use of the process for the users. They help the business users especially those who do not have as such programming experience to work efficiently. They are comprised of the collection of technologies and tools for a significant upgrade to Salesforce. Some of the features of the Lightroom comprises of:

  • The optimation of graphical user interference provides a good speed, which enhances the experience of the users.
  • The lighting component framework includes extensions and tools which enable the development of the standalone app, reusable content and even the mobile app can be customized.
  • The lightening App builder provides drop capacities for creation and customization of the app for easy and efficient use,
  • They have the accessibility and availability of up to 50 partner components, they are designed in such a way that offer guides and helps in efficient user experience and better lightning connect.

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