Salesforce Online Training for Beginners

Salesforce Online Training for Beginners

What is Apex in Salesforce?

The software companies that provide cloud computing services, which look after customer relationship management is known as Salesforce and Apex is a type of programming language which is strongly typed and is object-oriented. Apex executes the flow and transaction on the Salesforce server acting as controlling statements.  They usually look like Java but acts like database stored procedures and allows most system events to add logic to the business including record updates, button clicks, and visual force pages. Apex Code can be initiated from triggers on an object by Web Service requests.

The advantages of Apex as a language are,

  • They are very easy to use as the apex is usually based on familiar Java idioms, syntax, array notification, etc. The Lightroom Platform is made easy with the introduction of new elements of Apex.
  • They are data-focused as they are designed to thread together the bunch of DMLs, quarries into a single unit of work to help in the Salesforce Servers.
  • They are rigors as well as multitenant aware and are easy to test.

What is security in Salesforce?

The Salesforce usually has a security feature that helps and empowers the users for efficient and secure work by limiting the exposure of the data to the users who are able to act on it. The sensitive data of the user are fully safe by implementing these security measures. The authorized data are protected from inappropriate usage and illegal access. There are various threads that can harm the security of the data like Malware, Fishing, etc.

Malware and Fishing can give a serious threat to the insensitive data. Salesforce provides ultimate security from suspicious threads and even loss of important data.

They protect the users from downloading any malicious link by alerting them whenever they click any link that takes them outside the Salesforce domain.

Salesforce provides the most advance technology for internet security which is available. They also provide health checks to provide ultimate protection, they also provide auditing and Salesforce shield to develop the ultimate trust and guarantee to the customer.

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