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What is the Difference between Open UI5 vs. SAP UI5?

Two deliveries of UI Development toolkit with SAP Open UI5 and SAP UI5… These two tools are related very closely and having different working features.One is licensed tool and another is free Tool is the main difference.  Under the release of Apache 2.0 Open UI5 is Open Source. And we can also use many Open Source libraries.SAP UI5 is one of the SAP product, but with a separate license.  SAP UI5 Integrated with SAP Hana Cloud Platform and also SAP HANA Product. SAP Net Weaver is with user interface add-on. With the help of using technical features in SAP UI5, we can switch over to SAPUI5 and OpenUI5

An Introduction to SAP UI5

SAP UI5 is a JavaScript UI library that consists of a feature-rich core & a really large amount of UI controls that are organized in the handful of libraries. SAPUI5 is the series of the core as well as functionally focused libraries having a runtime environment. By “feature-rich” it means the stuff like models and data binding for the different data sources, an effectual engine for creating & updating the HTML of controls, support for the Model-View-Controller concept, support for the declarative UI construction as well as HTML templates, automatic loading of appropriate language resources and several other features along these lines. The controls range from the simple Button controls to the complex ones such as the SAP.M.Split-Container (having a responsive master-detail behavior as well as an animated page navigation) and offer support for accessibility, touch interaction, keyboard navigation, right-to- left languages etcetera out of the box. Several diverse visual themes are available & can be adapted by either transforming the CSS or using Theme Designer (a WYSIWYG tool, that is currently not released as yet Open Source, though [but a special free version for the users of Open SAP UI5 will be offered]).

SAP is making use of this UI library for the business applications, where the standards for security as well as supportability are vital, so the protection against the cross-site scripting & other attacks and powerful error analysis/inspection tools are integrated. And certainly, SAP is investing very much into automated & manual tests, from screenshot comparisons to unit tests.

SAP UI5 is based on jQuery that of course can be used directly in UI5 apps, but there is very much on top of it, thus most of the time user might rather find himself working with the controls. Several other Open-Source libraries are used in SAP UI5 & come bundled with it, for example- LESS, the famous data js, the OData library or CSS processor.

“SAP UI5” is the version which can only be used by the SAP customers with a certain type of license. (It is still free for the users, but they’ve to pay for other SAP products.) Most importantly, the good news is, the entire core of the “OpenUI5” & “SAPUI5” (containing all essential functionality) is similar. The most-commonly used controller libraries, containing the huge majority of all the existing controls, are same. All of these can now be free to use when using OpenUI5.

SAP UI5 comes with the support agreements, so SAP ensures the bug fixing. These support guarantees are obviously not coming with the free Open Source UI5 version. But still, it’s not a fork or so: Open UI5 also gets bug fixes done for SAPUI5. It is the similar thing, just a subsection. A big one.The apps that are built with SAPUI5 are those apps which run in any browser. They’re completely based on CSS, JavaScript and HTML5 based. Whenever you entreat an application, the app itself is downloaded to the browser, together with SAPUI5 runtime. The applications that are developed by the help of SAP UI5 is compatible with many OS.

Now a day’s SAP Suggests developing SAP UI5 Application because it is very responsive for web development. SAP UI5 Up dates are regular. SAP is now investing and putting more efforts into expanding and developing SAP UI5. Now with extra security, it works well with Kapsel/SMP in offline mode for mobile scenarios. When we compare previous UI Technologies like Web Dynpro, which means applications can run on Smartphone’s, Tablets and Desktops…It is very easy to Develop or Built Neat weaver and OData services in SAP UI5 Technology.

SAP UI5 Interview Questions.

(1.) What is SAP UI5? (2.) Why is SAP UI5 Required in this Present Business World? (3.) Any alternatives for SAP UI5 Enterprises? (4.) What is Component in SAP UI5 ?(5.) Explain What is Navigation concept in and You define in SAP UI5? (6) What are the Models and View are  Available in SAP UI5? (7)  Attend Free Interactive live Demo session for More details…

Wipro, Accenture, TCS, CTS, Mind Tree, IBM, Capgemini, EXA AG. Etc are the Major SAP UI5 Companies…Companies too have to build Their own Products using SAP UI5/OPENUI5 DANONE, Geber it, SanDisk, Adidas, SpinifexIT, McLaren, Some of the product based companies too have to build their own products using SAPUI5/OPENUI5

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