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SAP Supply Network Collaboration is a vital component of SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management). It was previously known as SAP ICH (Inventory Collaboration Hub). Since enhancements widened the collaboration environment, this product was renamed reflecting its extended abilities for collaboration with the suppliers (extending beyond the inventory collaboration).

The supplier doesn’t require a particular Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) infrastructure for integrating the supply network that SNC makes this solution practical by companies of all the sizes. All which is required on supplier side is web browser with internet access. It serves as joint-use platform for all the business partners that are involved in inventory collaboration process. SAP SNC is a key area in mySAP SCM solution which supports the collaborative planning as well as exchange of documents with customers and suppliers. Collaborative planning can be completed in SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) or in the APO. SAP SNC supports the 2collaborative business processes:

SMI (Supplier Managed Inventory)

VMI (Vendor Manged Inventory).

Supplier collaboration: You can use SAP SNC to optimize the cooperation with your sellers. You & your vendors employ SAP ICH as common platform for controlling and monitoring the replenishment procedure for materials.

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The SAP ERP system constitutes the complete international business network digital mainframe. It was the original software solution integrating global businesses with the binary matrix at the early stages of INTERNET. Since then, the solution developed with the evolution of international business. In fact, the development of the SAP ABAP protocol was a determining factor in constructing the interconnected framework of enterprises.

It was the first solution to foster the idea of data archiving and analyzing to meet business requirements. After a series of major acquisitions and developments, the SAP mainframe protocol now also integrates Java and C++ coding elements. It is a multi layered system, each level serving specific integrated solutions to meet critical organizational requirements.

SAP SNC Online Training Course Content

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