Azure Administrator Online Training India

Azure Administrator Online Training India

What is Azure Active Directory  ?:

Windows Azure Active Directory is an identity management service which is basically a cloud based directory from Microsoft. Azure Active Directory is integrated with various advanced features such as application access management plus identity governance and core directory services.  Based on centralized rules and policies, this standard platform allows developers to access control to their applications, an intriguing feature Azure AD offers. This platform is more apt for IT admins as it gives single sign on access to all its users and for app developers this platform helps in building the application to make it faster and simple so that integration with other identity management systems becomes feasible.

Azure Active Directory is a consolidation of numerous features like multi factor authentication of identity management capability, self-service password management, privileged account management, application usage monitoring, device registration, self-service group management, access control according to the roles & rich auditing along with security monitoring. These are the most important and need of the day features as these will enable different capabilities of the system to secure and streamline cloud based applications. One unique advantage of Azure Active Directory is that its seamless integration with windows server in just few clicks giving companies to leverage identity investment and manage access.

Know more about the ease of implementing windows Azure Active Directory, here.

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