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What is Azure & Why is it used?

Azure, have today become the choice of industry leaders for migrating to a cloud based architecture. Microsoft Azure (Azure partnered with Microsoft for hybrid cloud solution), a cloud based platform which is generally used for creating, managing and deploying anywhere because of its constantly expanding network of world wide datacentres. PaaS (Platform as a Service) & IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) are the two services of Azure which helps in adding cloud capabilities to the current networks of organizations. One more important factor with Azure is that it provides enormous array of products and services which are customised to address all the issues and concerns through one easy and manageable platform.


  • Used to create virtual machines in an easy and convenient manner fr hosting apps and services on own data centers.
  • Azure’s SQL database will help save the need for in-house expertise and also saves on hardware costs.
  • Azure’s Active Directory Domain services helps moving the security structure to the cloud and makes it easy to do that.
  • It is simpler and easier with Azure to create application services and deploy globally without any compatibility issues across web and portable platforms.

Introduction to cloud computing and Azure
What is Subscribing to Microsoft Azure
What are Azure Portals
What is Azure Resource Group
What is Azure IAAS Virtual Machine
What is Create a Windows/Linux Virtual Machine
What is Understanding and Creating Availability Sets?
What is Load Balancing between multiple Virtual machines
What is Azure Virtual Networks
What is Create a VNet using Azure Portal and Network Security Group
What is Azure Storage
What is BLOBS
What are Tables
What is Queues
What is Azure App Services-Web Apps
What are App Types
What is Deploying Web App directly from Visual Studio
What is Scaling a Web Apps
What is Understanding Deployment Slots
What is Windows Azure SQL Database
What is Comparing SQL Azure Database to Azure / on-premise SQL Server
What is Creating and Using SQL Server and SQL Database
What is Monitoring Azure SQL Database
What is Azure Active Directory
What is Azure AD
Relationship between AD DS and Azure AD
What is Managing Users
What are Groups and Devices

What is Virtual Machine in Azure ?

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